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It’s time to go back to school. Like a beehive, the nearby bookshop attracts schoolchildren, high schoolers and readers. Some are looking for the most beautiful school diary or classics to study. Others are taking the opportunity to discover new novels from this wonderful literary season. While most French novels are published in the second half of August, September gives pride of place to foreign literature. And, in particular, American literature with the arrival of great authors in Vincennes for the tenth America Festival, which will be held from September 22 to 25, 2022.

Now you know more about the best French novels published in August. Here are two French titles that are waiting for September to show their magnificence.

Tatiana from Rosnya conquered a wide audience of readers and film lovers Her name was Sarah (Eloise d’Ormesson, 2007). His new novels are always eagerly awaited. We’ll be better tomorrow (Robert Laffon, September 15, 2022) is a story of friendship peppered with echoes of a love affair with Zola. Candice, a single mother recently shaken by her father’s death, witnesses an accident near the Plaza Italia. Instinctively, she helps the victim and even accompanies him to the hospital. Dominic, an elegant and mysterious fifty-year-old man, apparently has no family. During Candace’s regular visit to her bedside, Dominique gives her the keys to her apartment to pick up some things. From now on everything will change… Nwe’ll be better tomorrow traces the path of a fragile woman to self-acceptance, to her freedom. It also echoes the last words of Émile Zola, the stowaway in the story.

Let’s go to the heights with Sophie Schulze. The Open Book (Leo Scheer, September 7, 2022) is the story of climbing the classic alpine route Charmose-Grepon on an atypical rope: a high-altitude guide and a client who is about to completely lose their sight. In the midst of this inhospitable environment, the alternating stories of these climbers, so unlike each other, lead the reader through the labyrinth of their emotions and memories. The path leading to oneself is traced step by step from the inner world of the characters to the absolute appearance of the mountain.

sophie schultz open book

Inspired by her father’s story, Mia Couto tells the story of a man’s return to his childhood city in Mozambique with great poetry and dazzling imagery. In 2019, just before a cyclone hits the city of Beira on the coast of Mozambique, the poet Diogo Santiago experiences the horror of colonization. The Cartographer of Absences (Metaye, September 2, 2022, translated by Elisabeth Monteiro Rodriguez) evokes a large number of prominent characters, witnesses to the racism, abuses of the political police of the fascist state of Salazar, who ruined the narrator’s childhood. . A magnificent novel populated by shadows and the memory of a father.

Absence Cartographer Mia Kouto

If you love American literature, you’ll be spoiled for choice by the greatest North American authors: Jonathan Franzen, Russell Banks, Anthony Doerr, Jennifer Egan, Julie Otsuka, Ben Lerner.

Ben Lerner offers in The School of Topeka (Christian Bourgois, September 1, 2022, translated by Yakuta Alikavazovich) an initiatory romance between intimate storytelling, historical mural and generational x-rays. We will follow Adam Gordon’s path from school to his professional integration. With a psychologist father and a writer mother, the Gordons are the typical wealthy and progressive middle-class white American family. But in the late 1990s in Kansas, an insidious rise in violence heralded the future of a disoriented nation, plagued by disillusionment, ready to throw itself into the arms of the most vindictive conservatism. Ben Lerner tries to analyze how America was able to go from prosperity under Clinton to the dark and deceitful period of President Trump in twenty years.

school topics ben lerner

Another family, another time, but still an up-to-date X-ray of American history. Jonathan Franzen takes us to an affluent Chicago suburb in 1971 with the Hildebrandt family. In Crossroads (L’Olivier, September 2022, translated by Olivier Deparis), the author begins with the conscience of Pastor Russ Hildebrandt to touch on his favorite topic of the American family. With humor and empathy, Jonathan Franzen probes the intimate life of each of his characters, deciphers their desires, delves into their past. We are at the crossroads of passions under the virtuoso pen of one of America’s greatest authors.

Jonathan Franzen at the Crossroads

City of Clouds and Birds (Albine Michel, September 14, 2022, translated by Marina Borazo) is a new novel by Anthony Doerra. This is a very beautiful tribute to literature thanks to the history of an ancient manuscript that crosses time, bringing together the past, present and future of mankind.

City of Clouds and Birds by Anthony Dorr

In terms of noir novels and thrillers, Stephen King (Albin Michel, Billy Summers, September 21, 2022), Michael Connelly (Darkness and Night, Kalman-Levi, September 7, 2022), Peter James (47 years, Allee du lac, Black River, September 15, 2022) and Nicolas Beuglet (The Forgotten Archipelago, XO Editions, September 22, 2022).

But let’s get off the beaten track and know your day will come (Éditions Hauteville, September 7, 2022, translated by Elodie Coelho). Kimberly McCraith handles tension brilliantly in this novel with many twists and turns and a surprise ending. Ten years after graduation, five former college friends meet for the weekend at a cabin deep in the Catskills. This reunion is not a bachelor party, contrary to what they claim, but rather an attempt to keep one of them from sinking into addiction. After the alleged suicide of their friend Alice, they are determined to prevent more drama from happening. But things don’t go as planned, and the locals clearly hold a grudge against these foreigners who have come to disturb the tranquility of the mountains. As we talk to each other about the good old days, the secrets of the past come to the surface, and some of them are deadly.

your day will come kimberly mccraith

Dive into the Dark Web with Tu sais qui (Métailie, September 9, 2022, translated from Polish by Kamil Barbarski). On her screen, Julia, a well-known journalist on the website, thinks she recognizes the driver of a car that is hurtling into space at full speed, crashing into the parapet of a bridge. She decides to investigate, but quickly becomes a target on social media. Jakub Szamalek, the rising star of the Polish thriller, uses his skills in technology and cybercrime, as well as his talent for storytelling, to serve as a compelling investigation with unexpected consequences. This gripping thriller highlights the speed and depth of change in new technologies, as well as the passivity of our society, which blindly accepts them.

Yakub Shamalek, you know who

Paperback editions include a French novel, a foreigner and a thriller.

Having received the 2009 Prix Goncourt for Three Powerful Women, Marie Ndiaye proposes a more enigmatic novel, Vengeance Belongs to Me (folio, September 15, 2022). I, Suzanne, forty-two years old, a lawyer, recently arrived in Bordeaux, is visited by Gilles Principals. She thinks she recognizes in this man the one she met when she was ten and he was fourteen, but she completely forgot what really happened that day in the boy’s room. Only dazzling evidence of passion remains.

Marie Ndiaye my revenge

She will be a guest of the American festival. Louise Erdrich, a talented Native American writer, offers her first dystopian novel with L’enfant de la première aurore (Pocket Book, September 14, 2022, translated by Isabelle Reinares). Cedar Hawk Songmaker, a young Indian woman adopted at birth by a white couple, sets out to protect the child she is about to have from the recklessness of a new totalitarian and religious government.

Louise Erdrich child of the first dawn

Another Polish writer from the category of thrillers with Zygmunt Miloszewski. Between a science thriller and an adventure novel, Invaluable (Pocket, September 8, 2022, translated by Kamil Barbarski) is the story of Zofia Lorenz, former museum director, on the trail of artifacts from an ancient Siberian tribe that holds the secret of longevity. Revealing such millennial secrets worries and fuels the greed of the powerful.

Priceless Zygmunt Miloszewski

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