Little Girl in the Snow: The Real (Completely Different) Story That Inspired the Netflix Series

Little Girl in the Snow trailer inspired by a true story – Netflix

Little Girl in the Snow is a hit on Netflix. The Spanish series is about every parent’s worst nightmare and follows the investigation into the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl. Few people know that the series is taken from a book and that its author lived through a “similar” story that inspired him.

You’ve probably seen Little Girl in the Snow, it’s the most popular Netflix series in France and around the world. If not, don’t wait any longer, you shouldn’t be disappointed. This Spanish series begins with the kidnapping of Amaya, a five-year-old girl, in the middle of a Christmas procession in the streets of Malaga. The series is adapted from the book, and it turns out that its author was inspired by his own experience.

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Inspired by real events

It’s every parent’s nightmare: one moment of inattention and their child disappears into the crowd. So it happened with the author of the book, Javier Castillo. He said he wrote this book after he lost his three-year-old daughter… for a few minutes in a crowd. Traumatic moments that allowed him to fit into the shoes of Amaya’s parents for a few moments.

So no, luckily Javier Castillo’s granddaughter wasn’t kidnapped and there’s no dark web story in her misadventure. On the other hand, the pain of imagining the worst for his child forced the writer’s imagination to work. And if the show works so well, it’s because any parent can imagine the pain of losing their child, no matter where they are.

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