Little Hope welcomes the Curator’s Cut and the Pass Ami

The second episode of The Dark Pictures Anthology now also has the alternate version of The Curator and can be shared.

If, like your servant, you had particularly appreciated the alternative version of Man of Medan proposed by the Curator’s Cut, you had certainly been disappointed to note his absence in Little Hope.

This makes it possible to relive history from another interesting angle allowing us to see that our certainties must often be exceeded and to better understand certain unfolding of the adventure. By attending events through the eyes of another character, you have access to new scenes absent from the main story.

Well be reassured, it does exist for this second opus of The Dark Pictures Anthology and it is now accessible. It only happens a little out of step with the release of the title dating from end of October 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

In addition, its deployment is also accompanied by Friend Pass which allows you toinvite a friend to join you for free in Multiplayer Story Mode, without necessarily owning the game, in order to accompany you on your journey. The only condition is that it plays on the same platform that you.

Finally, Bandai Namco also specifies that the game soundtrack is available on streaming platforms.

As a reminder, the anthology of branching narrative games of Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Inpatient …) will count in the end eight independent episodes resuming each the codes of a particular horror genre in order to pay tribute to films of the genre.

The next iteration, House of Ashes, will take us through the ruins of a Sumerian temple lost in the Arabian desert with the American actress and singer as a guest star Ashley tisdale (High School Musical, The Palace Life of Zack and Cody …). This one is expected for 2021 sure PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


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