Little Nightmares II review for PlayStation 4, duplicate horror

The world of horrors and nightmares expands with this review of Little Nightmares II without disappointing the slightest bit in its progression.

Four years ago, Bandai Namco surprised us by releasing one of their most original titles. Little Nightmares was a video game that exceeded their standards. A small project organized by Tarsier Studios which bets on horror without reaching terror, on a short adventure and without lengthening unnecessarily, but with an intensity unlike any other. The result was not for all audiences, but he fell in love with those who knew how to hang. With our Little Nightmares II live review there are more reasons to fall in love.

His sequel has been waiting for a long time. Tarsier does not cede to market demands and focuses on the strengths that enhanced the original work. It’s the best decision they can make – you can even define it not as a game that lives up to its heritage, but as a superior product.

Horror on dry land

The story of this episode of the franchise takes us to new territories to explore. We left the ship that left our protagonist Six marked emotionally: the source of evil is not in the sea. We reach the mainland and face a world greater than ever in the grip of a misfortune that we always cannot. not understand.

It’s difficult to talk about the history of Little Nightmares II without stumbling across its mysteries. There are no documents that adequately tell us what happened or NPCs that tell us about the good old days. We need to reconstruct the narrative of what’s going on through visual clues and little details strewn across Spectral City.

Over the next few years, fans will have a lot of material to develop theories on the narrative of the saga. This sequel sheds light on some of the unknowns from the first installment but obscures the response from others. It is difficult to determine the chronology or identity of many characters when discussions of major issues must be opened.

This element of mystery works in Little Nightmares II’s favor. The fantastic world in which he evolves does not need definitive answers but rather to blow our imagination. Being able to dive into new aspects of the franchise and feel the satisfaction of confirming some of your interpretations is a great feeling. Instead, not knowing the terrain is what keeps you from sleeping at night while trying to understand this twisted universe a little more.

Little Nightmares II (2)

Children, children, future, future

What manages to convince us that this world is broken is the cruelty it has towards the protagonists. We are not used to children being really in danger in movies and series. In general, the treatment of the little ones has softened as we have become numb to violence. Little Nightmares II doesn’t cut corners in this regard: it’s the little ones who have the worst time of their world.

We put the charming Six aside to experience the misadventures of Mono, a boy lost in the woods. Just as she is not strong, her size is tiny compared to monstrous adults, and she lacks the tools to survive. The monkey is weak, but elusive and cunning. The most important thing to remember is that your young age does not make you innocent.

If the first opus represented the fight against hunger through Six, it shows us the mastery of power. Mono is a much more changeable person than the previous protagonists. Fear and oppression have made him an ever-on-the-run prey, but cornering an animal usually doesn’t end well. At critical times, clashes with monsters can take an unexpected turn and the little one’s response can leave us frozen.

The worst part is that most of the time, we will not be aware of it. Mono’s actions are ours with the order. The little one doesn’t rebel against the player in small cutscenes like Six did when he was overcome with unbearable hunger. Tarsier Studios has taken note and our protagonist’s personality is reflected throughout the gameplay at critical times, as well as his horror of doing the things he does. His fault is ours and our experience is marked by it.

Little Nightmares II (3)

The price of survival

We control every little bit of Mono’s action, but he’s only half the story. Six is ​​with us much of the way and is as far as possible to be controlled again. Our friend is horrified by what is going on around her, but does not give up in the face of challenges. We need it to access most of the new gameplay points. Collaboration allows you to jump into new sections, tackle somewhat different puzzles, and compete with adults.

The importance we attach to our partner defines the whole of Little Nightmares II. Mono needs her to move forward, but their relationship raises other important unknowns. Are we looking for moral support from Six? Do we value our survival above? When things go, would our boy leave his friend behind? These are questions you wouldn’t ask yourself in another horror title or if it was a multiplayer title.

The message Mono gives us through his relationship with Six is ​​interesting to hear. The universe of Little Nightmares II is corrupted and the weakest falls on its monsters. This means that the limit on the price of survival is blurry. How much he deserves to continue to exist in such a miserable place is an answer our protagonist must achieve on his own during the four to five hours of the first game.

Little Nightmares II is not a very long game. It just takes a little longer than the first part. Make no mistake about it: every minute of its multiple chapters is enjoyed with the intensity it deserves and the fact that it has not been artificially lengthened strengthens it as a work of art.

Sadly, that doesn’t mean that this is something that many players will consider, especially given the lack of side activities beyond collecting hats. Whether you prefer four great hours or twenty great hours with shining moments, it’s in someone else’s hands.

Little Nightmares II (4)

Gigantic nightmares

It’s the gameplay enhancements and his way of telling a personal story that you’ll love about Little Nightmares II, but his world is what everyone will continue to love. The dark and twisted visual style of the first opus is here reinforced by a visually moving city. Every nook and cranny we explore is cared for with attention to detail worthy of an art exhibit.

The sets are spectacular, but it’s the locals who really end up selling this world. The twisted versions of a strict teacher or coroner have set off all danger alarms in your brain. Adults captured by the television or the man behind the screen are images that you can easily relate your fear to.

This is one of the greatest strengths of Little Nightmares II compared to the first game. The Maw was a ship far from civilization and the terrors it reflected were typical of a child’s imagination. Spectral City responds to a more immediate instinct: concern for family. As children, we have partnered with schools, hospitals and old televisions with damaged antennas. The turmoil these places aroused materializes in the horrific versions of this work.

Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II review conclusion

It was difficult to live up to the first part, but Little Nightmares II far exceeds what Six gave us. Its gameplay is extended to new limits, its story is transmitted through the controls and the world in which it takes place grows to see new horizons. It won’t be a title that appeals to all kinds of gamers, but it will be a job that those who log on will fall in love with. If you want a reason not to sleep, you won’t find a better reason.

Little Nightmares II live review

Little Nightmares II Review for PlayStation 4 – Duplicate Horror

We like

The world, its horrors and its unsolved mysteries.

Ability to awaken the fears inherent in the player.

Impeccable scene and enemy design.

History and progress told through the actions of Mono.

It can be better

Short term for many players.

Terror that will not connect with everyone.

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