Live. Covid-19: Johnson calls on G7 to “vaccinate the world” by the end of 2022

10:42 am: Relaxation of the population and the Indian version are sources of concern for France.

In France, “two major problems remain,” Swiss epidemiologist Didier Pitte points out in JDD columns. The first concerns “behavior of the population”. “We shouldn’t relax too much,” he warns. The second, the “real unknown,” is the “Indian variant.” 31 cases of the Indian variant have been found in Landy, and about 20 other cases are suspected.

In the United Kingdom, the Indian variant now accounts for more than half of new cases and may even call into question the deconfinement planned in 15 days.

10:05: Tuesday Macron in Valencia with restaurateurs

On the eve of the opening of canteens and bars, Emmanuel Macron will travel to Drome in Valencia on Tuesday to discuss this with restaurateurs. He intends to “interact with restaurateurs and representatives of the entire sector and promote their know-how after several months of closure, as the year of gastronomy begins this summer.”

9:34 am: This German virologist does not believe in the virus escaped hypothesis.

Christian Drosten, who heads the Institute of Virology at the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, has little faith in the hypothesis that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory. According to this German virologist, specialist in coronavirus, the origin of Covid should be found on the side of animals, in particular small predators whose fur is processed. For him, this is “the most plausible hypothesis.” “Fur animals are predators. They eat small mammals. They also hunt bats in the wild, ”he explains in an interview with the Swiss news website Republik, spotted by Le Parisien.

9:30 am: The French economy picks up steam again. And it leaves you strong, “Bruno Le Maire points out.

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire emphasizes that “the French economy is recovering. And it is going strong again ”, in particular thanks to business investment and renewable consumption. It also points to the continued growth target of 5% of GDP in 2021. With regard to the assistance provided to companies, “we are gradually moving out” of “any value.” “We will continue to support the hardest hit companies, especially in very poorly tested sectors such as tourism or events; but the assistance will be targeted and tailored, ”clarifies the tenant Bercy.

8:06 am: Italy expects 20% more tourists this summer

Italy, which is gradually lifting restrictions, expects 20% more tourists this summer. “The summer season of 2021 is showing the first signs of recovery in the sector, with 33 million arrivals and 140 million receptionist overnight stays expected from June to August, an increase of + 20.8% over 2020 and a global turnover of 12.8 billion. … euro ”according to the Italian Tourism Federation.

After a 17-month hiatus due to the pandemic, the first cruise ship left for Venice on Saturday, sparking controversy between supporters and opponents of the presence of these sea monsters in the famous Italian lagoon.

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Should I take paracetamol before getting the vaccine?

This medicine, which is sold under different names (Dolipran, Dafalgan, Efferalgan, Paralyok), is actually used to treat flu-like symptoms. But is it recommended to take it before or after the vaccine is given? We will explain everything in this article.

7:41 am: Johnson leaves call The G7 will vaccinate the world by the end of 2022

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will urge G7 leaders to unite to “vaccinate the world before the end of the year” to end the Covid-19 pandemic. The head of the Conservative government, who will greet the great powers from Friday to Sunday next day in Cornwall, southwest England, will urge his colleagues to take “concrete steps” to achieve this goal.

7:16 am: London taxis in the dark

The “pandemic has hurt” the drivers of London’s iconic black cabs, who have suffered severely financially and psychologically over the past year. After three lockdowns hit the United Kingdom, the country hardest hit by the pandemic, which killed almost 128,000 people, there were very few customers. The latest official statistics show the high price the sector has paid for the pandemic: the number of official licenses dropped by 5,000 in a year to about 13,700.

6:50 am: Test to determine if messenger RNA vaccines are interchangeable

In an effort to “ease the vaccination campaign,” a trial of interchangeability of messenger RNA vaccines (PfizerNioNTech and Moderna) begins in France this Sunday. This trial, led by Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) and supported by Inserm, aims to “compare the immunological efficacy of a standard vaccination regimen with two doses of the same mRNA vaccine with a combination of two different mRNA vaccines,” according to the statement published on Wednesday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that due to a lack of “adequate data” it is not yet in a position to recommend changing the Covid vaccine between two doses. Vaccine interchangeability studies are already underway in the UK at Oxford University. As part of the protocol, it is planned to test two products: the AstraZeneca product (which is not an mRNA vaccine) and the Pfizer product.

6:49 am: Lands worries about the Delta option.

Twenty-nine additional cases of Delta (the new name for the Indian variant) have been identified in Landy since the first two family cases were announced in the department on Wednesday, the prefecture and the Regional Health Agency said. To the 31 proven cases, ARS adds “about twenty others” that have not yet been identified. In total, these fifty cases can be “grouped by fifteen sources of infection,” especially familial, ”explains ARS.

The government also expressed concern about the increasing prevalence of Covid-19, especially in Occitania and New Aquitaine, where the incidence rate is 95.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, which is “higher than the country” and is increasing “by 35% in less than three weeks. “.

6:48 AM: Belgium will open vaccinations for children aged 16-17 in July.

Belgium will open up vaccinations for young people aged 16-17 from July “following vaccinations for 18-year-olds,” politicians announced Saturday. These injections will be made with the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, which has received European Medicines Agency (Ema) approval for this age group, they said.

40,032 535

France received 537,604 injections of the vaccine on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health. As of June 5, about 27,818,355 people received at least one injection, and 12,213,180 people received two injections, for a total of 40,031,535 injections. A total of 13,643,403 people have gone through the “full vaccination cycle” because those already infected only need one dose.

Serological tests soon saved millions of doses

On the recommendation of the General Administration of Health (HAS), vaccination centers will conduct serological tests to administer only a single dose of vaccine to people infected with Covid-19 without knowing it or not being sure.

How does this happen? We will tell you more in this article.

6:46 AM: Pressure continues to drop in the hospital

On Saturday, about 2,525 patients were still admitted to intensive care (versus 2,571 on Friday), with 62 patients admitted within 24 hours. For the first time since September, this figure fell below the level of 100 patients admitted to intensive care within 24 hours. The hospital is currently treating 14,532 patients. On Friday, there were 14,801, for the first time since October 22, this figure fell below 15,000.

A drop in the number of deaths was also confirmed: 58 in the last 24 hours (versus 81 on Friday). INSEE has already made this observation in its weekly report released on Friday. From 2,150 deaths recorded on average every day in January, that number fell to 1,730 between May 1 and 24.

The number of cases is stable: 6,654 cases on Saturday versus 6,953 on Friday.

Information for Saturday 5 June

  • More than a hundred cases of the Indian variant have been confirmed by sequencing in the territory, according to Public Health France. 29 additional cases of the Indian variant have also been identified in Landah since the first two cases were announced in the department on Wednesday.
  • A record 600,000 doses of the vaccine were administered in Italy on Friday. The record set on the same day in France is 748,001 injected dose.
  • Remy Salomon, president of the AP-HP (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris) Commission for the Medical Facility, however, pointed out on Saturday that France is far from herd immunity.
  • Since the end of December 2019, the pandemic has killed more than 3.7 million people worldwide.

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