[LIVE EVENT] Code In Cloud: Developers and their superpowers

A conference by and for developers!

Join the IBM Developer Advocates on December 3, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. and discover the technologies of the moment and those that are rising: Quarkus-Java, Serverless, K-Native, Tekton / Argo CD, Kubernetes, Openshift, Multicloud and many more ‘others!

Developers and their superpowers

In this world of applications and new technologies, the developer is an essential partner. It is everywhere, from the front-end and back-end, in the DEV and in the OPS of DevOps. Omnipresent, it has also gained in power. He is more and more decision-maker and prescriber of the strategic orientations of organizations.

More flexible infrastructures, Cloud Computing, new architectures, digital transformation, so many projects and technologies that can only work with the help of the developer.

The challenges are immense, but of course he can count on his superpowers! Besides, how could he, without superpowers, discern with acuity what is “hype”, background noise, what is the heavy trend and importance? How can you learn relentlessly and maintain your employability? How to avoid information overload while nurturing your curiosity? How does he find his way in these moving twists and turns of technologies, frameworks, APIs, services, platforms?

So what are his superpowers and where does he get them? Come discuss it with the IBM Developer Advocates.

The Developer Advocates’ motto: “technology first”

Their mission: (in) train developers on new features, guide them through technological mysteries. An “advocate” is an ardent defender of the cause of developers. It is by saving developers’ time, by offering them short content, relevant tools, feedback to improve their efficiency, that IBM Developer Advocates maintain the trust of developers.



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