LIVE Super Dragon Ball Heroes Goku Day Special

In commemoration of Goku Day taking place today, Bandai is offering an event to watch live on Super Dragon Ball Heroes. On the menu of this event, we will find the live screening of episode 3 of the SDBH promotional animated film. We are still in the arc of the new space-time war, and Vegeta should jump into action in an explosive way.

In addition, the group will present us the next installment of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission 8. We are also promised other announcements, but we do not yet know what it is. To follow the event live, here is the video below.

Dragon Ball Heroes & Super Dragon Ball Heroes (SDBH)

Dragon ball heroes is an exclusive Japanese arcade game developed by Dimps. Available since 2010, it alternates from a series of narrative arcs, each divided into “missions”. They are inspired by the original series, movies, and other Dragon Ball video games. We also find the addition of original elements and textures. We even have exclusive what-if transformations. Since November 2016, the title has evolved to become Super Dragon Ball Heroes. For the occasion, the game system and arcade machines have evolved a lot. With this, a series of new story arcs were launched. The first was the Kingdom of Darkness. The second currently revolves around the intrigues of the Planet Prison and Universal Conflict. More information on the official website.

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