Logitech and Tencent to launch a handheld console designed for cloud gaming

Computer peripherals maker Logitech announced on July 2 that it is teaming up with China’s Tencent to launch a handheld console designed for cloud gaming in late 2022. This is Logitech G, the video game hardware brand of the Swiss manufacturer, which is backing the project along with Tencent Games, a subsidiary of the Chinese video game giant, which notably has a platform equivalent to Steam.

“To me, who grew up playing video games, the idea of ​​being able to stream and play AAA games from almost anywhere is very exciting, and we can’t wait to show the world what we’re working on,” says Logitech. chief G.

microsoft and nvidia partners

The upcoming console will support multiple gaming streaming services, including Xbox and Nvidia GeForce Now. However, the press release does not provide any details on the technical specifications. It also makes no mention of any collaboration with Sony, as well as Amazon and its cloud gaming service Luna, which has just integrated the Samsung Gaming Hub into its new connected TVs.

Microsoft recently announced that its Xbox Cloud Gaming service (available on PC, Xbox, mobile, and connected Samsung TVs) is up 1,800% year-on-year in hours spent, but check out how much that number of hours per year has increased. a year earlier. For its part, at the end of July, Google confirmed that its Stadia cloud gaming service, which has about fifty titles, is not dead. However, BtoB is now Mountain View’s priority to make its technology profitable.

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