Logitech Aurora gaming keyboard, mouse and headset

This week, Logitech unveiled a new collection of gaming peripherals called the Logitech Aurora, featuring the new G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, G713 Gaming Keyboard, G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse and eight custom accessories. The new collection has been designed to be “genderresponsive, not exclusively genderresponsive, to meet the needs and desires of female gamers, while also appealing to all gamers who are looking for a playful design and thoughtful experience,” the post reads. Logitech.

Logitech Aurora

G735 Wireless Gaming Headset

“With a White Mist finish, ethereal RGB lighting and dual inear mixing, the G735 is a versatile option for any gamer. The G735 is the first Logitech G headset to feature the new Blue VO!CE microphone technology, which modulates the player’s voice and saves preferred audio settings to G Hub and directly to the headset. The G735 Wireless Gaming Headset also provides maximum comfort for all gamers and includes a smaller head. Gamers can enjoy extended gaming sessions with over 56 hours of battery life (without backlight) and experience wireless freedom with Logitech’s awardwinning G LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and Bluetooth connectivity.”

G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards

“The G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and G713 Gaming Keyboard provide a discreet atmosphere with high performance for gamers to express themselves and play in their own way. The compact keyless design and adjustable height provide allday comfort. Pack it up and take it anywhere with a rechargeable battery for 25 hours of nonstop gaming, plus LIGHTSPEED or Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Both keyboards come with a CloudSoft palm rest for allday comfort.”

G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse

“The G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse is purposebuilt for small hands with a compact form factor and cuttingedge gaming technology. The G705 weighs only 85 grams and provides long life, light weight, convenience and performance. With a gamelevel sensor, ultrafast LIGHTSPEED wireless, Bluetooth connectivity, and an easytoreach DPI switch button, gamers can play to their limits.

Accessories. Expand your collection with eight new accessories, including whimsical touches like a cloudshaped palm rest, cable pendant and a heartshaped carrying case. Other accessories include ear pads and overhead microphones, G713 and G715 keyboard tops, a keycap remover and brush, and a mouse pad so gamers can customize their gaming style.”

Source: Logitech

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