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The 2020 lockdown has made many computer users discover a few things. First, it is clear that working remotely is possible, not necessarily easy, but we can collaborate remotely through videoconferencing meetings. Many have also found that their computer’s webcam isn’t quite up to par.

FROM their new Brio devices, Logitech – for those who continue to work from home or have many meetings using screens. Therefore, the Brio 500 webcam was designed to meet these needs and we will try to check if it really meets these criteria.

The device is very light and connects via a USBC cable, and we expected to find an adapter in the box for those who did not have this type of connection on their computer, but this is not the case.

The camera support system is included. At first glance, you do not immediately understand how this can work, but nevertheless, this is one of the key elements of the product, we will return to this later.


Below the camera is a round screw with a standard size thread to mount any tripod. This can be used to place the webcam on another pole of your choice.

no screws

When unpacking, we saw that the camera lens is not directly visible. In fact, it is hidden by a closing system that is activated on the right side of the chamber by turning the end. A good point to avoid an unsightly post is to protect your camera in the event of an incident or breakin.

A task

Camera installation instructions are printed inside the package. The selfadhesive surface presses against the outer edge of the screen while the front tab holds everything on the other side.


But what if you want to vary the camera position if you have multiple devices? Logitech has made this possible, and the sticky part can stay in place while the other media is released. This one is nonslip, and while it’s probably a little less effective than the sticker attached to the main machine, it’s enough to hold the camera.


In this regard, another question arises: why the sticky part, if classical support is enough? Brio 500 has a hardware and software feature that allows it to turn down to show a document or any other object on the table. The pressure for this manipulation is considerable and the sticky part will be used to hold the camera securely in place while the lens is oriented downward.

Viewing a Document

Before trying to see what the rendering in the Logi Tune software offered by Logitech is, we tried to connect the camera directly to Windows. First note: the cable is a bit short, and its short length can get in the way of certain types of configurations, usually with a fairly tall screen and slightly pushed back computer case.

On the other hand, Windows immediately recognized the Brio 500 as a webcam without the need to install any drivers or software. It was already possible to even use the camera and control some aspects of the image.


After this introduction, we will be interested in the Logi Tune software, in particular for testing advanced camera features. The rest and our findings will soon be added to this article.

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