Logitech G CLOUD in hand

If you want to learn more about Logitech’s new G CLOUD cloud gaming handheld this week, you’re sure to find these Logitech G CLOUD howto videos extremely helpful. The Logitech G CLOUD is one of the latest gaming devices to support the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud game streaming service. Which just received an update for PC and Mac optimizing streaming resolution support for 16:10 4K displays at up to 60fps.

Logitech developed G CLOUD in partnership with Tencent Games. It features a 7inch 1080p touchscreen with a 6:9 aspect ratio complete with ingame controls. 350 dollars.

Logitech G CLOUD in hand

“Logitech G CLOUD takes massive libraries of AAA games and advanced graphics (up to 1080P/60FPS) from the cloud and puts it all at your fingertips. This allows you to play an incredible amount of Xbox games, Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and even Steam Link. Just take CLOUD and play anywhere you have WiFi2 Cloud gaming platform subscription required to use the product for its intended purpose.”

“CLOUD Gaming Handheld is the perfect addition to your cloud gaming routine. It features a large 7inch Full HD touchscreen with a 60Hz refresh rate, precise controls that rival the best controllers, and lets you play your favorite games in your favorite places.”

Source: NVIDIA: Logitech

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