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At Logitech, we never take a break. Constantly on the lookout for ideas, the brand is also mindful of consumer expectations, and that’s what spawned the Aurora line, a set of products that Logitech describes as “inclusive and gender neutral.”

If there is keyboard and headphones in stock, today we will focus on the G705 mouse. Created for gamers and gamers i.e. video game lovers, it was able to attract other audience as well due to its rather nice design, interesting features and lightweight design.

Unpacking confirms the description, the mouse is really very light (85 grams). The rather long cable comes with two other accessories: a white dongle labeled G705 and a USBA to USBC adapter so you can charge your mouse. And it is not only used for recharging, but also allows you to use it in wired mode.

The design is similar to the name of the line, vaporous like aurora or title the eponymous singer Björk. In any case, and this is subjectively acceptable, it is very pleasant.


The mouse has six buttons, including a wheel button. However, we regret that the latter does not turn off or that there is no button for multiple devices, as on other mice of this brand. The one above the wheel is used to change the resolution on the fly: 800, 1600 or 3200 DPI. You will instantly feel the difference in the speed of the cursor movement.


Under the back cover, which is cleverly held in place thanks to a system of magnets, there is a slot that can be used to place a pairing key if you do not want to use the device wired or Bluetooth, but keep it under your elbow “just in case”.


The precisely connected mouse connects and charges via the USBC port located on the front.


The switch below the device allows you to turn the mouse on and off. The opposite button is used to change the mode depending on whether you want to use Bluetooth or Logitech Lightspeed technology, i.e. with the included dongle.


Tested on a PC under Windows 11, the system immediately notices the presence of a mouse and prompts us to connect the device.


The first connection is rather positive. We still need to use the Logitech G705 more heavily to get a clearer view. Our findings will soon appear in the same article.

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