Logitech G715 Review: Our Opinion

Logitech recently released a line of products for gamers with a stamp “Aurora”including headphones, keyboard and mouse. They are all white by default, but accessories sold separately can add an extra touch of color to lighting effects that enhance device performance.

We already have mouse preview in our hands, and today we’ll talk about the keyboard that comes with it: the G715. Both are sold separately, but would you be interested in setting up two gaming peripherals on your desk?

The Logitech G715 comes with a classy cloud-style wrist rest that’s quite soft to the touch, it can help reduce the strain on your wrists or even help lift small handles for keyboard access – it’s actually quite tall. The USB-C to USB-A charging cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter can also be used to connect the adapter closer to the keyboard.

The key is neatly stored under the keyboard, but it’s not a classic key. It uses technology speed of light from Logitech, which guarantees gamers low latency while playing. However, it is also possible to connect a keyboard without this accessory using Bluetooth.


Special keys are located at the top of the device. On the right side, a large wheel is used to adjust the volume, while round keys allow you to mute or control media playback. We also see a switch to turn the keyboard on or off.


On the other hand, in addition to the USB-C port for charging, three other dedicated keys have functions that match the features of this keyboard. The one on the left will allow you to switch from one connection mode to another, depending on whether you want to use a Lightspeed or Bluetooth dongle, which can be interesting when switching from a computer to another, for example. The other allows you to deactivate certain keys during your gaming session, we’ll come back to that when we examine the options. Note the presence of a retractable foot at two heights, which allows you to tilt the keyboard.

Finally, the far right of this group is used to adjust the intensity of the backlight and brightness in general, since the keyboard is also adorned with LEDs under the wheel, as well as almost around the perimeter of the device.


This actually gives a gaming effect, but with a touch of originality, since the dominant color is white. Courtesy of the G705 mouse, and even if the rendering of photos is not necessarily successful, the result on the table gives the most beautiful effect.


This lighting is not static. By default, letters that are not related to the entered ones randomly flash, but we will see later that many combinations are possible. The usual four control letters in games, ZQSD, are displayed in a different color and remain static.


The Logitech G HUB software will allow us to discover other features. On the first page, we check the battery level of the keyboard, and the icon gives access to other information. Clicking on the keyboard returns to all other options.

Mouse and keyboard

The G715 has onboard memory that can only be used when the Lightspeed connector is selected, not Bluetooth. This will save the various profiles and selected settings.


It’s the same with the Lightsync lighting settings. In Bluetooth, you can only adjust the brightness and choose from 7 preset effects. When using the dongle provided by Logitech, there are more options for customization. The button allows you to coordinate the illumination of the mouse and keyboard.


The keys F1 to F12 can be customized by dragging a command or any other key onto their symbol. Too bad Logitech doesn’t offer customization options for others that could possibly be used in games or for other uses. There is also no way to assign different functions when using certain software, as is the case with the software used for their office mice.


On the other hand, in gaming mode, all keys can be disabled by pressing a special button on the keyboard. By default, the Windows keys and the context menu are excluded in the game mode, the user can add them at his choice.

Game Mode

If there are many options and they are useful for the game, then there are no opportunities for office use. However, the G715 is not designed for work: the lack of a numeric keypad, compactness and mechanical keys will displease most people when typing long texts. On the other hand, the noise generated can be disturbing in the office with other people or at home when working remotely.

However, mechanical keyboards have their supporters even in the workplace. In this case, we rather recommend taking a look at the MX Mechanical model, which combines mechanics in a design more suitable for office automation or mixed use. If you’re interested in the look of the G715, feel free to take a look at the Pop Keys model and its three color options.

So we understand that the Logitech G715 is basically a gaming keyboard. It looks unusual but goes great with the many lighting options that add a touch of fun to the table, especially when paired with mouse G705. It remains compact and therefore can fit on a modest desk. The many options that can be configured in the G HUB software will make it an interesting partner for playing video games.

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