Logitech MX Mechanical Getting Started –

When it comes to choosing a new keyboard, it’s a bit of a matter of tastes and colors, each user has their own preferences and all different models are not suitable for the same purposes. There are those who are looking for the thinnest and most compact models, or fuller but quieter ones, and others who do not consider using anything other than a mechanical keyboard.

Logitech has taken care of this, especially for developers and other professionals who have started using mechanical keyboards for video games and want to keep that feeling when typing. However, they did not create another gaming keyboard, but tried to mix the experience of the MX line with this type of keyboard.

After unzipping the change with a keyboard such as MK Keys catches the eye. The keys are taller, but not as high as a gaming keyboard. On the other hand, we keep the same keyboard layout with a number pad on the right and a group of keys above the directional arrows, three of which are used to change the Bluetooth channel for smooth multimachine use. The key is indeed an accessory if there is no Bluetooth on the computer.

So the height is a bit less pronounced than with a gaming keyboard, but noise also matters. The keyboard is not quiet, but it does produce a more muffled and muffled sound than a gaming keyboard.


In fact, Logitech even lists three types of switches on their website: silent, linear, which has less resistance but the noise is very close, and “click” with a higher sound and larger reaction spring. In France, only the silent linear switch is available, in other countries, a choice of switch type is available. They differ in color: respectively brown, red or blue.


The power button is located in the upper right corner, next to the USBC charging port. A full charge lasts up to 10 months with the backlight off, and with it only 15 days. This should drop even further if you’re using custom lighting modes with motion or blinking effects.

USB port

The keyboard has two retractable legs that allow you to tilt the keyboard at an 8degree angle. At first glance, this really makes typing easier for those used to typing on MX series keyboards.


The Logitech MX Mechanical is also available as a Mini without a numeric keypad, but with the same specs as its big brother but a few euros cheaper. In terms of design, both use 45% and 47% recycled plastic and were designed to limit carbon exposure.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini

Both are already on sale for €179.99 or €159.99 for the Mini format. In a few days, we will present our conclusions about this experience by examining its convenience and the possibilities offered by the software after this article.

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