Logitech wants to seduce streamers and podcasters with the Litra Beam and Blue Sona microphone.

The Logitech for Creators line has announced several new peripherals for YouTube streamers and videographers.

Studio lighting Litra Beam

The streamer adjusts the illumination of the Logitech Litra Beam keys.

Image: Logitech

The first accessory is the Litra Beam lamp. This LED light has been designed to illuminate your gaming live stream, YouTube video or any home audiovisual production.

Litra Beam supports Logitech TrueSoft technology, which offers five brightness settings and five color temperatures. This allows you to switch from warm white like candles to cooler lighting (2700-6500K). The G Hub software gives users granular control, from light intensity to Kelvin temperature.

You can link multiple Litra Beams to create different lighting configurations. Presets are available in the program. According to Logitech, the Litra Beam diffuser helps eliminate cast shadows.

A pair of Logitech Litra Beam bulbs on a table

Image: Logitech

The included desktop stand provides 3-way orientation adjustment including height, tilt and rotation. Its design also allows it to pass for a table lamp when not in use.

Litra Beam is available for pre-order at a price of 119 €.

Logitech Litra Beam

Logitech Litra Beam – best prices:

  • Amazon


Microphone Blue Sona XLR

If the Litra Beam was designed to improve video game streaming, then the Blue Sona microphone was created to provide optimal sound quality as an accompaniment. Logitech touts its ClearAmp sound-enhancing technology and “modern, photogenic aesthetic.” The brand hopes this micro-XLR will be adopted by streamers and people who make podcasts.

According to Logitech, ClearAmp technology provides +25dB of gain without the use of an amplifier. rectangular microphone design includes an XLR connector

The streamer speaks into a Logitech Blue Sona microphone.

Image: Logitech

Other features include a dynamic double diaphragm capsule, a super-cardioid pickup pattern, and a built-in 290-degree swivel stand for perfect positioning.

Blue Sona costs 349 euros.which puts it just below the Shure SM7B, which you’ve likely seen from many podcast and YouTube video makers.

Microphone Logitech Blue Sona

Logitech Blue Sona Microphone – Best Prices:

  • Amazon


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