Loki will be eligible for a second season soon, Google continues to crack down on illegal downloads, €20 Nintendo Switch controller at Lidl, this is the week’s summary

The second season of Loki could be launched this summer, Google continues to crack down on pirate sites, Lidl lowers the price of the €20 Nintendo Switch controller, that’s the end of the week.

Save money with Lidl offering a Nintendo Switch controller for only 20 euros! If you’re a Loki fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Season 2 of the series could be coming to Disney+ this summer. While Germany opposes a vote to ban thermal cars in Europe from 2035, Google is making a major decision to ban millions of pirate sites based on their IP addresses.

Season 2 of Loki could be out in July 2023…

Two years after launching on Disney+, Loki may finally be eligible for a second season. Indeed, the site that specializes in Marvel news shared a message on Twitter saying that new episodes could hit our screens in July 2023. This is information to be taken with a pinch of salt, but it’s a credible agenda that fans will enjoy!

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© Marvel Studios

Google blocks pirate sites based on their IP address

Google continues its fight against illegal downloads with an unprecedented and radical solution: from now on, Google will de-index millions of sites, but will also block them in its search engine by IP address. Illegal sites will quickly find a way around this ban, but Mountain View proves it doesn’t give up in the face of hackers.

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© Unsplash/Arkan Perdana

Nintendo Switch Controller for 20€ at Lidl

While the official model sells for 65 euros, Lidl is selling the Nintendo Switch controller for the low price of 20 euros. The data sheet is clearly not the same, especially in terms of autonomy and recharging, and you will have to do without 3D vibrations. This is a good alternative for small budgets and you won’t be disappointed with the design as the Lidl product looks like a Nintendo model.

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Nintendo Switch controller on sale at Lidl

Counter Strike GO 2 may be out soon

Nothing official yet, but journalist Richard Lewis, well known to the Counter-Strike community, has stated that a beta version of the new Counter-Strike could be released this month. This rumor was backed up by the appearance of Counter-Strike 2 related files in an Nvidia graphics card driver update.

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counter strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 ©Instant Play

Germany blocks vote to ban heat-powered cars in Europe from 2035

While European Union member states were due to vote to ban thermal cars in Europe from 2035 on Tuesday, March 7, Italy and Germany have declared their opposition to the vote. The two countries could reconsider their decision on the condition that Europe offer commitments in favor of synthetic fuels.

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gas pump

After 2035, it will no longer be possible to buy a thermocar (gasoline or diesel) in the European Union © Pixabay

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Starfield © Bethesda

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