Looking Back at the 15 Biggest IPOs of 2022

Biggest IPOs of 2022

Here is a look at the 15 largest IPOs in the world in 2022.

1. LG Energy Solution – $10.7 billion

LGES shares began trading on the Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) in January 2022 at an IPO price of $249. The IPO raised $10.76 billion, leaving LGES valued at $55 billion.

2. China Mobile – $8.8B Fchi

In January 2022, China Mobile was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange at CNY 57.58 (US$9.06) after delisting from the NYSE. The company has raised the equivalent of US$8.8 billion, making it one of the largest Chinese listings on land.

3. Porsche AG – $8.7 billion

Dr. Eng. hcF Porsche AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Borse) in September 2022 with an offer price of EUR 82.5. It raised 9.2 billion euros, valuing the company at 75.2 billion (euros).

4. Dubai electricity and water – $6.1 billion

Dubai utility company DEWA entered the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) in April 2022 in one of the largest IPOs since Aramco. He sold the shares for AED2.48 ($0.68) each, raising $6.1 billion and boosting the company’s market value to $33.8 billion.

5. CNOOC – $4.4 billion

The Chinese offshore oil and gas producer completed its listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April. The company raised 28.08 billion yuan ($4.41 billion) after selling shares at 10.8 yuan each.

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6. Life Insurance Corporation of India – $2.7 billion

LIC shares began trading on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) in May at a price of Rs 949. The IPO raised $2.7 billion, which was much less than expected but still gave India’s largest insurer a valuation of Rs 5.54 trillion or US$71.54 billion.

7. China Tourism Group Duty Free – $2.1 billion

The world’s largest retailer was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in August at HK$158 ($20), raising HK$16.2 billion, equivalent to $2.1 billion. It was the biggest IPO of the year

8. Borouge Plc – $2 billion

In June, Borouge successfully listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange in the largest petrochemical IPO in the Middle East. It raised over US$2 billion with a final offering price of AED2.45 (US$0.67), giving Boro an estimated value of $20 billion.

9. Americana Restaurants International – $1.8 billion

The fast food operator raised $1.8 billion in an IPO in December that saw it listing on two of the largest stock markets in the Arab world: the Tadawul Stock Exchange in Saudi Arabia and the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange in the United Arab Emirates.

10. Corebridge Financial – $1.7 billion

AIG split its insurance and pensions businesses through an IPO, creating Corebridge International, which was listed on the NYSE in September at $21 a share. It raised over $1.68 billion and valued Corebridge at $13.6 billion.

11. Tianqi Lithium Corp – $1.7 billion

The Chinese battery component supplier was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July at HK$82 (US$10.45) per share. The IPO raised $1.7 billion, making it the second largest IPO in Hong Kong for 2022.

12. TPG Inc – $1.1 billion

Private equity firm TPG listed its shares on the Nasdaq in January 2022, valuing its shares at $29.50. The company raised over $1 billion in the IPO, giving it an estimated valuation of $9.1 billion.

13. Mobileye Global – $990 million

Mobileye went public in October, listing shares on the Nasdaq at $21 a share. The electric vehicle company has raised $990 million, giving it a $17 billion valuation, well below its original $50 billion valuation.

14. Bausch and Lomb – $712 million

In May 2022, eye care company Bausch and Lomb went public on the NYSE. The company sold its shares at $18, raising $712 million and valuing the company at $6.48 billion.

15. Excelerate Energy – $384 million

The liquefied natural gas supplier raised $384 million when it floated on the New York Stock Exchange in April. The company sold 16 million shares at $24 each, valuing Excelerate at $2.54 billion.

Global IPO Market Review 2022

It has been a tough year for the IPO market in 2022. According to EY, the number of IPOs fell by 45% to 1333, while the amount of funds raised fell even faster – by 61% to $179.5 billion.

More companies have shelved their ambitions to go public as bulls give way to bears in 2022 as market conditions become much more challenging due to high inflation, higher interest rates and slower growth. This shook confidence in the markets, dampened appetite for riskier opportunities and tested valuations. Those who took the plunge found it harder to raise funds, resulting in smaller deal sizes.

It is important to note that the drop in IPO activity in 2022 followed a record year in 2021, and activity is still above pre-pandemic levels.

The US-dominated IPO market suffered its worst year since the financial crisis, while Europe suffered an even sharper drop in activity compared to last year as geopolitical unrest escalated.

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