Lorraine. Cryptocurrency scam: Former Luxembourgish spy arrested in Moselle and imprisoned in Nancy

He was arrested this Thursday as he was preparing to cross the border into Luxembourg. He was jailed at Nancy while waiting for the United States to demand his extradition.

Prosecution in one of the most high-profile political and judicial scandals in Luxembourg.

Frank Schneider was involved in one of the most high-profile political and legal scandals of the Grand Duchy. In the 2000s, the number 3 of the Luxembourg State Intelligence Service, SREL, was prosecuted for violating privacy and data protection laws, along with two other service leaders, Marco Millet and André Kemmer.

After 28 meetings of the parliamentary commission of inquiry and a public trial, the three spies were acquitted. Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the Luxembourg government, told our colleagues at RTL that in 2008 he was recorded without his knowledge by the head of his own secret service, Marco Millet. The same Marco Millet, for his part, stated that the Grand Duke Henri had constant contact with British intelligence.

Schneider left SREL in 2008 to start his own business intelligence company, whose stock and financial structure proved to be rather opaque.

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