Lost Soul Aside confirms it will also be released on PlayStation 5

In development for a little while, Lost Soul Aside is one of those Chinese titles that caught the eye. Originally an independent game part of the PlayStation China Hero Project program, the title has been in development for many years and made a strong impression when it returned a few days ago through 18 minutes of gameplay. Today it is confirmed on Playstation 5.

An outing that becomes clearer

Unfortunately, we will not have to wait for further information. Lost Soul Aside made a quick intervention at the PlayStation China conference last night just to show up and its developer simply confirmed that a PlayStation 5 version was in development. This is in addition to the PS4 version which still seems planned.

As a reminder, Lost Soul Aside is a game that was originally developed by one person. Over the years, the project has grown and about twenty people now officiate on the title. Introduced in 2016, the game was already in development for years, and is inspired by big names such as Devil may cry. No release date yet, but given that communication has been racing lately, we can hope to have something concrete in the relatively near future.

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