Lot-et-Garonne: Youth Video Game Tournament from Local Mission at Digital Campus 47

The Agenais, Albret and Confluent Local Mission organized this Wednesday, January 11, their first indoor video game tournament on the Agen Digital Campus. About twenty young people came together to take part in an event marked by challenge and fun.

This Video Game Tournament – Organized on Wednesday, January 11th at the Digital Campus, this groundbreaking meeting had two goals. Initially, the local mission wanted to strengthen ties between young people. Then she also wanted to use this springboard to shed light on these activities and attract more participants.

Those involved in this initiative were able to reconnect with an important game. Indeed, twenty young people had the opportunity to take part in the tournament of Mario Kart, the cult game of Nintendo, whose success will no longer be represented from 90. Divided into 5 groups of 4 players, to finally come to the last stages of bullying, satisfaction and the spirit of competition are mixed with a friendly and friendly atmosphere between young people.

Between relaxation and competitive spirit

Between the ages of 17 and 25, the difference in level between rivals does not matter, the main thing is the success of this first game meeting.
“It’s a friendly moment and we didn’t want to miss it. Rarely do structures offer such fun activities that we enjoy,” says Nathanael, 17.

There were not only members of the Local Mission, because a third of the participants were not registered in the Agen structure.
While they usually meet for training related to employment and professional integration in particular, this time there was also a playful side to go and win, why not, prizes for the most experienced.
Conceived before the pandemic period, the idea for this tournament, conceived by Thomas Belin and Pernelle Chaumey, has been shelved until early 2023. Due to the ambition and desire to reproduce this event from time to time, “the door is not closed to attract new members and more participants in the coming time”, concludes Thomas Belin.

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