Lotto: He became a millionaire following his mother’s unexpected advice

Fortune smiles on the brave… or those who listen to their mother’s advice. A Scottish family man became a millionaire after he followed his late mother’s advice and bought two lottery tickets in a row. Robert Cameron, who lives in Glasgow, matched five correct numbers and a bonus number in last Saturday’s UK Lotto draw to become a millionaire, according to indy100 on 4 August.

A 53-year-old man who rarely gambles bought a lottery ticket on Friday, July 29, with a few coins he had in his pocket after walking past a nearby tobacco shop. When he checked the result the next day, he “chuckled a bit” when he realized he had won £3.70. The Scot nevertheless decided to immediately try his luck again.

“My mom always said: victory leads to victory,” he says. “She always told us, ‘If you win something, take it and invest in something else.’ So I decided to follow his advice and use my winnings to buy another lottery ticket for the next draw.”


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He took it well, the father of the family hit the jackpot, pocketing a tidy sum of a million pounds; his life, as well as the life of his family, will be transformed.

A new house and a new car would be Mr. Cameron’s first purchases, who explained that he had always wanted a Range Rover. “I want to think about how I use the money and buy things that will benefit my family in the future,” he says. And to thank his mother, thanks to whom he is now bathed in happiness: “I am so grateful that I followed my mother’s advice – I feel that I owe my good fortune to the fact that she has been watching over me from the afterlife. “


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