Lotto vaccine reservations

While the Lego government states that the vaccination lottery would be fair if implemented, some people have doubts about this.

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This is case Dre Marise Guay, medical advisor to the Department of Public Health of Montereji and INSPQ, insists that many steps have already been taken to encourage the 18-34 age group to get vaccinated.

“I think we need to give the youngest people time to get vaccinated so they can get used to the idea and see the benefits. If you look at the age group 70 and older, it took more than a few weeks to reach 75%, ”says Maryse Guay on QUB radio.

Dre Guay says there are other strategies for reaching young people that can be even more effective.

“This summer we could go to festivals, advertise on websites, communicate with young people through popular influencers,” she told QUB radio.

Listen to the interview with Dre Marise Guay, Medical Adviser to the Department of Public Health of Monterey and INSPQ, with Alexander Dube on QUB Radio:

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