Love Hate Inu: the project raised over $299,200 in 3 days! How to explain this success?

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The crypto industry has a weakness for innovative projects. All cryptocurrencies that offer different and specific use cases are rapidly achieving phenomenal market success.

Destiny seems to have come true for Love Hate Inu, a new cryptocurrency with innovative features. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a meme coin that wants to seriously compete with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the leading meme tokens on the market. Investors seem to want to support this project.

The Love Hate Inu presale has already raised over $299,200 in just 3 days. Why this hype around Love Hate Inu? A brief overview of the elements that make a project successful.

Completely innovative concept

Love Hate Inu is the first Web3 Vote-to-Earn platform that rewards users every time they take surveys. How does this concept work? Users can take part in surveys and surveys on various topics such as entertainment, society or politics.

The project uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and security of the voting process. There are two ways to make money with Love Hate Inu. Each participation in the voting allows users to earn LHINU tokens.

In addition, you can start staking, which will allow you to accumulate voting rights depending on the number and duration of blocking. A minimum stake is required to be eligible to vote on the platform. The real-time staking engine requires a minimum lockout of 30 days to be eligible to vote. Through this strategy, the project team wants to avoid spam or survey manipulation.

Love Hate Inu provides completely anonymous voting so that members can freely express their point of view. Thus, the latter have nothing to fear and are free to vote according to their aspirations.

Decentralized platform open to all

The work of Love Hate Inu respects the fundamental principle of blockchain technology. It reinforces decentralization in the distribution of rewards. Indeed, each time a survey is created on the platform, its creator must provide LHINU tokens to be used to reward participants.

In accordance with this principle, the first surveys conducted on the platform after its official launch will be provided by the project team. Thus, reward tokens will be provided by her. The platform will then be open to anyone who wants to take a survey on the platform.

Fast growing market

Love Hate Inu operates in the online survey market, which was valued at approximately $2.8 billion in 2022. However, The Business Research Company estimates that this growing market will reach $5.69 billion in 2027.

Thus, Love Hate Inu is positioned in a market that will grow exponentially in the coming years. Being the first blockchain project of its kind, Love Hate Inu has an advantage over possible future projects that want to position themselves on a “vote to earn” mechanism.

Players in the crypto industry have realized the opportunities behind this, which is why many of them support Love Hate Inu. Its presale started just 3 days ago and the project has already raised nearly $300,000.

If you want to know more, visit the Love Hate Inu official website or join the community on Twitter and Telegram.

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