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With the economic crisis hitting France, consumers are paying more and more attention to their budget, especially on purchases. In this article, we will tell you about a trick recently created by hackers. The latter manage to steal money from consumers with their loyalty card. Explanations!

Loyalty card fraud: how does it work?

Rise in the price of eggs, a shortage of pickles and even a rise in the price of oysters and foie gras for the holidays … Inflation hit the food sector hard. Shopping has become increasingly difficult lately. Therefore, you need to be very careful in your spending. Now is not the time to lose money unnecessarily, for example by becoming a victim of a scam.

The French are often plagued by incessant calls from so-called practice accounts. But in recent days, another type of scam has emerged. Loyalty card. An amazing method that turns out to be very effective. Here’s how not to fall for the bait.

Fraud: Possession of a loyalty card can be fatal for you!

Fraud: Possession of a loyalty card can be fatal for you!

Indeed, a new type of fraud has emerged. Indeed, the magazine “Le Télégramme” has highlighted a new phenomenon called the “Komolist Leak”. The latter consists in hacking customer data to return the money accumulated in the loyalty account. The problem is already observed in many major brands. For example, Auchan, Carrefour or System U.

To hack data, criminals use malicious software called malware. Thanks to them, they hack the client’s server and capture his login and account data. Moreover, this is exactly what the Sistema Yu cooperative explains to the journalists of the Telegram. “This is malware that was recovered on our customers’ computers after browsing the Internet for blocked sites.”

Well proven scam!

Well proven scam!

After that, hackers just need to go to the dark web to sell this information. An advantage for them? Customers do not often check their loyalty account. In addition, they do not always check the accumulated money. When they do, the damage has already been done.

Beware of this well-designed loyalty card package. So, as Hélène Lebon, a lawyer specializing in personal data protection, explains to our colleagues: “This applies not only to store loyalty cards, but also to all accounts where you have registered contact details. These can be first and last names, addresses, credit card numbers, brand loyalty card numbers.”

Loyalty card: Be careful!

Stay safe!

Loyalty card: Never use the same password on websites, as we learn from “Le Télégramme”: “You must be careful when choosing a U Card PIN, do not choose a code equal to his date of birth or too simple type code 0000, 1234 or 1111″. As you already understood, it is prudent to remain alert.

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