Loyalty Card Fraud: These Stores Warn

Fraud has always existed, but in times of inflation, scammers seem to get even more creative. There are many fraudulent activities related to our personal data available on the Internet.

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Recently, cybercriminals have attacked learning accounts (CPF), today it is a scam that concerns supermarket loyalty cards. The newspaper Le Télégramme warns of this scam, which is spreading like wildfire in various supermarkets and supermarkets. Fraudsters use the money accumulated by the client on his loyalty card during various cash desks. An amount that could be very significant and that households are counting on to make some savings in these dark times when the purchasing power of the French is at its lowest. How do scammers achieve their goals? They manage to find all the personal details of customers on the dark web, such as email address, username and password, and thus they can get everything from the customer’s account by impersonating him at checkout in the store. Therefore, signs such as Auchan, Carrefour and System U sounded the alarm.
Add to this that the customer does not understand this immediately, in contrast to the fraud concerning, for example, his current account, because the amount available on this type of loyalty card is rarely consulted.
BFMTV interviewed the Sistema Yu cooperative about this new loyalty card scam: “We identified several hundred cases out of a total of 7 million card holders. Pirates are very active and loyalty cards (regardless of brand) are very targeted.”

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