Lunar target in the Marie-Gouyen lobby

While Elon Musk proposes to go into space, Marie-Gouyen’s house remains with its wheels on the ground but its head on the stars. Residents of the house, as well as some cyclists from Jumbo Run and the volunteers invited to the event participated in an evening of observation of the night sky organized by two volunteers from the RockAstres association of Livinhac.

The launch of the evening began around a buffet dinner prepared by the in-house cooks and shared among the residents, the staff members present, and some external guests.

Then Rock Astres took control of an orbit at dusk. These sky enthusiasts first aimed their telescopes at the planets and allowed one-night astrologers to zoom in on Venus, Saturn, and then Jupiter through the eyepieces. The experience will have been even more powerful as it was made accessible to all present by projecting the observations on a giant screen. The night trip continued with a detailed and illustrated presentation of the constellations in the sky observed that afternoon in the dark night allowed by the exceptional extinction of the nearby public lighting thanks to the municipality.

It was around 11pm when the landing took place for the participants who returned with their wheels on the ground but their heads full of stars!

Despite restrictive sanitary restrictions that have been limiting out-of-home exchanges for many months, this experience was intended to be exotic while on site.

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