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Crypto-friendly Luxembourg? – During a recent conference on cryptocurrencies organized in Luxembourg, the prime minister of a small country spoke about the future of blockchain technologies and their relationship with his state. At least we can say that Luxembourg seems infinitely friendlier than France with crypto assets.

Luxembourg really wants to be kryptonation

IN Luxembourg blockchain laboratory is a group of crypto and blockchain projects established in Luxembourg. This group is organizing an event from 26 to 30 April called Luxembourg Blockchain Week

Among the speakers at this conference was the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettelwho presented orientation countries regarding distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Thus, the leader of Luxembourg showed very favorable in support this innovative sector. He even called on his country to be ahead of for develop these technologies:

” [Le Luxembourg] plans to keep looking ahead and keep taking risks when it comes to innovative technologies like blockchains. The challenge for my government is to make Luxembourg the digital predecessor that it already is (…) By its nature as a pioneer, it is to continue progress and not just hold the lead for the moment. “

Quoted in a Cointelegraph publication, Xavier Bettel insisted that he “100% convinced” using blockchain technology, the ultimate goal of which is not only “Make our life easier”, but also “Help us focus on our human relationships”

All of this pushes us away from the will of decision-makers in France, who seem to take vicious pleasure in systematically putting a shovel in the wheels of French players in the cryptosphere, with even more binding rules and obligations that punish them in the face of a foreign competition. The cryptocurrency sector and their technologies, at least, will already have a ready-made development space with Luxembourg.

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