Luxurious. Brian Keklar gathered his wife and children in the bedroom and threatens to kill them

The defendant was most aggressive with his companion. – Illustration photo: Anete Lusina /

On January 16, around 6:00 pm, in an apartment in Clos des Templiers, in Sommereux, when the couple began to clean their room, a quarrel broke out. For quite some time now, 32-year-old Brian Keklar has been wondering “where his marriage is heading.” He was unemployed for a month and became addicted to tobacco and cannabis.

As soon as he wakes up, he drinks a glass of rum and smokes a joint. After that, he sets about looking for work before filling his inactivity with playing online poker. His partner is raising the couple’s three young children and her two older children from a previous union. This boy, seeing his mother crying, decided to go out and go to a neighbor to ask her to warn his grandparents, who live in a nearby town. Then he returned to his family, which his father gathered in the master bedroom on the first floor of the apartment and kept at the threat of a kitchen knife.

He threatens his girlfriend

When the gendarmes arrived, the man informed his companion about this. “Watch what you say! If you put me in shit, he told her, I’ll kill you all!

The soldiers will take him into custody. The couple have been together for five or six years. The mother says that the scenes begin “for everything and for nothing… For children’s sweets or for my make-up. They happen once or twice a week. I’ll have to clean up late at night if he decides. That’s what happened that night. At 6 pm he wanted us to clean the room.”

Knife found

A particularly cluttered room, as evidenced by photographs taken by the gendarmes: there is a parents’ bed covered with clothes, and two children’s beds, one of which is out of place. Everything is in a very big mess. On the floor, littered with garbage, lies a knife with a 12-centimeter blade. The walls and the door bear traces of blows.

He was angry because she was preventing him from cleaning under the bed. “If you want,” he said, “I can throw the bed out the window.” And that was before he grabbed her by the face and threw her to the ground, and then forced her across the corridor.

Son warns neighbor

The son, who was playing downstairs, hears a noise, goes upstairs and sees his mother in tears. He decides to go and warn the neighbor. The father gathers the mother and her three daughters into the bedroom, confiscates all phones and, armed with a knife, threatens to kill everyone. Among other things, he uses sparkling wine, rum and cannabis, his mother testifies. And he hits kids, except when it’s noticeable.

Brian Keklar explains that on the night from Sunday to Monday, he did not sleep a wink all night because of his daughter. That in the morning he started looking for a job, but that in Sommereu, without transport, it’s not easy. In the afternoon, he discussed with his partner their couple and the management of the family.

He recognizes the blow

He got angry and kicked down the door, telling her that if she wanted to, she could leave, but without their last daughter. He said this in front of the children. “With energy and courage, because I feel frustrated when I don’t get answers to my questions about managing my relationships,” he said loudly. I did not take her by the face, I pushed her with two fingers across her forehead into the children’s room.

He gives no explanation for the kitchen knife found in the room. The only thing he’s sure of is “that he didn’t look for her or threaten his family with her.” He makes it clear that he did not knock his companion down, he just pushed her, that’s all. He made death threats, but they were addressed to people who kept calling during the closed session of the room. He pronounced them in Creole, and his interlocutor misunderstood. “She shares with her parents, never with me,” complains the defendant. I feel left out. I’m not worried about the couple’s life, I feel belittled. It started two years ago.”

At first everything was fine

The child, who went to live with a neighbor, says that at the beginning of the relationship with his mother, “everything was fine. Then he started spanking me and insulting us. He said we were bastards. When he lacks alcohol, he plays with a knife. He drinks whiskey, sparkling wine, rum and takes drugs every day. He told my mother: if you are not happy, I will step on your face. I saw him against my mother with a knife. He was about to hit her when the gendarmes arrived.

Five mentions on his track record

There are five citations in his criminal record, including one for violence against the same companion, for which he received three months’ probation in October 2021. After this conviction, he spent five months with his mother to take stock. After that, they all went on vacation together and life together resumed. When asked about this probation, the executing judge, who should have already reminded him of his obligations in April 2022, advocates its total abolition if convicted.

Perrin Garcia represents a victim who cannot express herself and no longer wants any contact with the defendant. “It’s a beautiful mess,” the lawyer notes, “she has to protect her children, aged three to 12, who are traumatized and scared.” She is a civil plaintiff and asks, as compensation for non-pecuniary damage, to erase the traces left on the walls and the door of the room where the facts occurred.

He wanted to kill everyone

The deputy prosecutor recalls that this 11-year-old child ran away to inform a neighbor that his “stepfather is pestering his mother. He was scared, she was crying, he wanted her to call for help. He called grandfather a fag… He wanted to kill everyone.”

The judge, since he is in a judicial recidivism due to the abuse of his companion and death threats to children and his companion, and that he does not comply with the obligations of his conditional reprieve, requests a bail order for a twelve-month prison sentence, which he requires and which will be six months under probationary period.

“This couple needs to stop!”

Defense attorney Kristel Vast shares the prosecution’s opinion: “This couple needs to stop!” She believes that “there is a big gap in going from a three-month probation to a 15-month hard detention” because her client was fired for only one act of violence committed on January 16th. Violence against her in the presence of children. “Even if the context is important, it does not justify such a quota. His mother agrees to place him under house arrest under electronic surveillance.”

was found guilty

The court practically followed the prosecutor’s arguments in the letter. Brian Keklar was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in prison, including 12 months in prison, with a warrant to commit a crime, and his stay in October 2021 is canceled in full, that is, three months, with immediate imprisonment. He goes to jail for 15 months.

This period of imprisonment is followed by a six-month probationary period of two years, with an obligation to provide drug and toxicological assistance, redress the damage caused to them and pay amounts due to the state treasury. He should no longer appear in the house of his companion, no longer meet with her and her son, an 11-year-old child who alerted a neighbor. He will have to compensate his victim up to 1,200 euros in moral damages.

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