M2 Mac Pro Mini review (video)

Apple recently released a new line of Macs including the new M2 Mac Pro Mini as well as new MacBook Pro laptops.

We previously saw a review of the new M2 Max MacBook Pro laptops and now we can learn more about the M2 Pro Mac Mini, the video below from Marquez Brownlee gives us a good look at the device and its feature set.

The new Mac Mini is available with two processor options: the Apple M2 and M2 Pro, while the video machine runs on the new M2 Pro processor.

As you can see from the video, the new Mac Mini has impressive performance, especially when you consider that the device costs only $599, although the top model costs significantly more.

If you want the new M2 Pro processor then this model starts at $1299 although if you go for the top model with 12core CPU, 19core GPU and 16core Neural Engine and 32GB of RAM it will cost from 1999 dollars. it is with 512 GB of memory.

We previously saw a video on which Mac Mini you should buy, which is really helpful as there are several models to choose from.

Source and Image: Brownlee Brands

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