Machine Learning: Facebook’s PyTorch Moves to Linux Foundation

If you’re not into machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI), chances are you’ve never heard of PyTorch. However, the open source PyTorch ML software from Meta (formerly Facebook) is very popular in building all kinds of AI applications. According to some reports, the only obstacle to his development thus far has been his close ties to the Meta. It’s a long story now: A group chaired by Mark Zuckerberg handed over the code to a new group independent of the Linux Foundation, the PyTorch Foundation.

“We are evolving PyTorch, an open source artificial intelligence platform led by Meta researchers, into a project driven by the Linux Foundation,” the leader said, noting that in this new environment, Meta and its partners, AMD, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and Nvidia will continue to push the project forward.

Why such a turnover? After all, the program is the market leader with over 150,000 projects created on GitHub using PyTorch. Meta is making this change for the same reason it released all of its AI programs in 2021: getting any machine learning tool, let alone programs based on it, is slow, tedious, and difficult work. At this level of work, even Meta needs all the open source help it can get.

Meta is not giving up on PyTorch

Before including PyTorch on the Linux Foundation, Meta invited anyone who wanted to join its PyTorch effort.

As Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, said at the European Open Source Summit in Dublin, Ireland, “PyTorch has grown to include a huge community of contributors and users under his dedicated leadership. The genius of PyTorch (and the merit of its maintainers) is that today it is truly a fundamental platform for much of the artificial intelligence and machine learning that acts like a real Swiss army knife.”

Going forward, the PyTorch Foundation will make decisions about its future development. This does not mean that Meta will stop using PyTorch. To the contrary, Meta announced last year that it was ditching other AI and machine learning efforts in order to play all its cards on PyTorch. As stated by Facebook, we “will continue to invest in PyTorch and use it as the main platform for our research and production AI applications in the company.”

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