Macron hosts climate experts to prepare his ‘environmental planning’ – Science et Avenir

Emmanuel Macron gathered a dozen experts on climate and the effects of global warming at the Élysée on Wednesday to think about “implementing the environmental planning” he promised for a second term, the Élysée reports.

This two-hour meeting, held ten days after his re-election, is part of a campaign in which he pledged to make environmental planning the core of his activities. His next prime minister, whom he now elects, should be directly responsible for this.

This environmental planning – a concept he adopted from rival Jean-Luc Mélenchon – aims to “accelerate our collective efforts to combat climate change,” the Élysée insists.

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Among the experts invited on Wednesday, including several members of the Higher Climate Council (HCC), were luminaries Jean Jouzel, climatologist and former Vice President of Giec, Valerie Masson-Dermott, Co-Chair of Giec Group No. 1, Corine Le Quere, President of the Higher of the Climate Council, climate and energy expert Jean-Marc Jankovici, Professor Hervé Le Tret, Morgan Nicole, Director of the I4CE think tank, Monique Barbut, President of WWF France, Wolfgang Cramer (CNRS) or Céline Givarch (HCC).

The HCC has repeatedly ruled that France is not on the right track to meet its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“It is important that our community, with its diverse sentiments, speaks to the urgency. Emmanuel Macron made many promises, now we have to see how we move from these promises to concrete things,” Jean Jouzel said at the end of the meeting.

“The next five years will be critical in terms of compliance. It’s far from over and it’s not easy. It is good that the scientific community is involved in decision making,” he added.

French paleoclimatologist Jean Jouzel leaves a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and climate experts at the Elysee Palace in Paris, May 4, 2022 (AFP – STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN)

Emmanuel Macron said on the campaign trail that he wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions “twice as fast” as compared to his first five-year term.

This meeting took place on the day the government defended its climate record in response to the Council of State, which in July 2021 urged it to take additional measures within nine months to fulfill its obligations under the Paris Agreement.

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