Maes launches its own cryptocurrency: $Maes

Thoroughly engaged in his new project, the rapper from Sevran does not stop making unexpected gifts to his fans. A few hours ago, he introduced his new $Maes tokens.

Omerta in stores soon

After leaving 92i on very bad terms, rapper 93 came into conflict with his former partners very early on. He even attacked Bubu for a long time, who at the start only tried to put the ball on the ground. The rag between the two former friends, who today seem irreconcilable, burned out very quickly.

Being free from any obligations, the author of Madrina set about creating his own label Omerta Music. So he announced that very soon he would please the rap universe with his first independent album, which he decided to call Omerta.

Since then, every day we learn a little more about this project. At the end of 2022, he presented Fetty Wap, the first excerpt from his next opus. However, we have no news on the release date of the opus yet. If he made the news today, it’s for a completely different reason.

Five dollar tokens

After a tough run-in with KOPP, Mays returned to the game, dropping Fetty Wap and Galactic in succession, announcing his next album.

As part of the teaser for this album, he even made a surprise announcement to his fans via social media. Indeed, Maesa has explained to his roughly 1.5 million Instagram followers that he is launching his own token.

Available for $5, $Maes will allow all holders of this token to have their say on a rapper’s career.

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