MafiaFoot is a new generation blockchain game where you have to earn money.

Upcoming NFT strategy game MafiaFoot has announced a partnership with Ternoa for its upcoming IDO.

The game will offer play-to-earn mechanics and will be the first game to integrate Football Manager, Tycoon and FIFA games through a blockchain-based ecosystem.

MafiaFoot is the next generation blockchain game where strategy and NFTs take center stage. Players can create the football club of their dreams with NFT and then manage their team to lead them to victory. Players earn income by upgrading their NFT cards, winning tournaments, and managing the club’s infrastructure.

In the MafiaFoot universe, players can buy and sell original cards, strategize to win matches, participate in epic tournaments to defeat their competitors and earn rewards, among other things. In-game NFTs come in five levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Additionally, MafiaFoot players can upgrade characters’ skills during a match and heal them when needed. In addition, you can create new characters in the game using the training center. Owners can sell or lend created players to others, creating an additional source of income. All players have 3D animation which creates an even more immersive blockchain gaming environment.

The management side of the game translates concretely into the day-to-day activities of the club, including ticket sales, merchandise sales, food and drink stalls, $MFF token placements, and more. There are several ways to generate income in this game, which borrows elements from Sorare and Football Manager. The addition of the ability to earn referrals and monetize land through merchandising and value-added services ensures that players have plenty of game modes to explore.

The MafiaFoot team has entered into a partnership agreement with the Ternoa Labs team. Through this collaboration, IDO MafiaFoot will take place on the Ternoa Launchpad, a dynamic solution that prioritizes community access. Users wishing to participate in the next IDO can also access the whitelist by registering on the MafiaFoot website.

The whitelist also allows users to participate in MafiaFoot’s upcoming airdrop and private sale, among other benefits.

About MafiaFoot
MafiaFoot is a football club management game “Play to earn” with a football tycoon. Earn income by upgrading your NFT cards, winning tournaments and managing your club’s infrastructure!

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