Magic Legends unveils its equipment system

Game news Magic Legends unveils its equipment system

While waiting for the open beta on March 23, Magic Legends reveals more information about its equipment system.

Developed by Cryptic Studio, to which we owe in particular the City of Heroes / Villains and Neverwinter, the MMO Magic Legends is revealed more through various screenshots and a video presenting its equipment system.

Free-to-play MMO planned for later this year, but already having an open beta from March 23 next on PC, the title will place us in the rich universe of Magic: The Gathering. In a new blog post, the developers come back to the many feedbacks made by players during the alpha (which took place last fall), and in particular on changes made to the equipment system, which, like most MMOs, will be broken down into several levels of rarity, going from the current to the mythical, passing through the unusual and the rare.

In addition to the deck building offering a wide choice of customization of passive and active attacks, the equipment collected in your adventures will therefore be necessary to advance in the different plans available to you.

Magic Legends unveils its equipment system

The studio thus evokes a “more rewarding” itymization structure, and more in line with the deck building. There are also several bonuses and penalties that affect your powers. In addition, it will not be necessary to resell equipment that you have duplicate: you can use the second copy to modify the mods associated with the first, and de facto unlock adaptive mods. In addition, cosmetic options are also on the program.

After its open beta on March 23 on PC, Magic Legends is expected later this year in its final version, on PC therefore, but also on Xbox and PlayStation.

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