Maine-sur-Loire – Young people are aware of road safety

Maine-sur-Loire. The municipal police educates young people about the dangers on the road. The municipal police and teenagers from the local Les Amis organized a traffic safety action in the mall. The goal was to raise awareness among young people about the risks associated with alcohol and drug use.

“Create a connection with children”

The course allowed to test the good knowledge of the bike and the rules of the road. Distorting glasses were also available to mimic the use of drugs (marijuana, LSD, etc.) and alcohol so that the oldest “be aware of the danger caused by their use,” according to Anne-Lise Godon, the property manager, who also wanted to suggest animation around bicycles to put into practice the work already done in terms of traffic prevention.

“We educate young people about road hazards and provide them with leaflets about EDPMs (personal motorized vehicles) such as electric scooters and segways, bicycles… The goal is also to connect with children and their families so that they they understand that the police are not only repressions, they are primarily prevention,” said the municipal police officer.


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