#MajoritySilenciousVaccinated: Providers Come Out of the Shadows and Invest in Social Media

In recent days, opponents and vaccines have not stopped competing on social media. And the latest statements from the government did not help the case. After demonstrations of the “unsanitary pass” over the weekend and tired of the harassment, the Pro-Axis movements sprang up and created the hashtag # MajoritéSilencieuseVaccinée to make their voices heard.

It seems that a war has been declared between the opponents and the pro-vaccines. And the latest government announcements to extend the validity of the pass would have fueled the debate even further. Reportedly Voice of the North, the two clans are now competing on social media.

Although they had been rather reticent before, the vaccines chose to respond to the aggressive anti-vaccine messages that they had been targeting for some time. Thus, several movements in support and against vaccination emerged on social media, leading to the emergence of the hashtag # MajoritéSilencieuseVaccinée. “Tired of receiving anti-tax messages every time I defend my position,” or “They are called a fako and accomplice because we urge other citizens to get vaccinated, they are tired,” we can read on Twitter.

IN #MajoriteSilentVaccinated doesn’t want to fund your PCR for 400 euros a month, because you refuse the vaccine for 20 bullets.
Plain. Base.

– Chris McRonard #MultiPass ud83c uddeb ud83c uddf7 ud83c uddea ud83c uddfa (@ m4kr0n2022) Jul 19, 2021

“#VaccinatedSilentMajority has no intention of being silent at all”

The movements were also created in response to a demonstration of an “unsanitary pass” that took place over the weekend in France and a comparison of a sanitary pass and a yellow star. “At some point it’s too much, we can no longer stay without saying anything,” a user wrote in a local newspaper.

IN #MajoritySilentVaccinated does not intend to shut up and remain in the shadows at all. He is present, shows respect on a daily basis and must be heard in the face of the anti-virus! Let’s not give up and continue to convince those who still have doubts udc89 ud83d udcaa

– Alexander (@AlexQuiec) Jul 18, 2021

And the Pro-Axes, who were not necessarily “opponents of the anti-Axis” before, are determined to make their voices heard and to defend their position. “#SilentVaccinatedMajority doesn’t want to fund your PCR for 400 euros a month because you refuse the 20-bullet vaccine. Simply. Basic. “,” #SilentVaccinatedMajority is not going to shut up and stay in the shadows. , shows respect every day and must be heard in the face of anti-vax! “, Some Internet users wrote on the net.

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