Malware is no longer your problem with Norton 360 Deluxe Antivirus

Using a high-performance antivirus package directly impacts your daily online security, especially in the context of a family-friendly package like Norton 360 Deluxe that covers all your tribes. Whether it’s a phishing attempt with a fraudulent email message, ransomware found on a fraudulent site, or a malicious Trojan, no matter the type of virus, Norton can help you respond. Whether it’s for detecting as well as eliminating threats, you have the tools to come face to face. Thanks to a truly intuitive interface, you can first of all easily use the report on the dashboard, and, for example, in case of doubt, run a security analysis yourself. You don’t need to be a computer scientist, in a few hours of practice you will already be able to master the basics of your antivirus solution.

Also, in case of a serious problem, feel free to contact Norton by activating the 100% virus protection promise. Indeed, the company accompanies you by offering the services of a Norton technician who will try to eliminate malware as best as possible. So it’s really practical and reassuring, and it’s also another proof that Norton is not only an antivirus provider, but also a real support in the face of daily online threats.

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