Man starts fire trying to ‘kill spider’

A 26-year-old American has just been charged after a wildfire broke out. He tried to kill a spider with his lighter in Utah. Corey Allan Martin was arrested near Springville where the fire started.

Starting a forest fire is not his only offense. Indeed, Cory Allan Martin was charged with negligence, possession of cannabis and equipment designed for the use of cannabis. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office shared the man’s excuse on Facebook. “I tried to kill a spider with a lighter and that’s how I started a fire.”

More than 25 hectares of forest burned because of the spider

The sheriff’s office says the man was taken into custody and later released after posting $1,950 bail. Despite the absurdity of this story, the damage is significant. Indeed, the fire burned almost 25 hectares of forest from the base to the top of the mountain.


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