Mandatory mask wearing: places, fine, who is concerned

A new decree was published on Saturday July 18 (then completed on Sunday July 19) making the wearing of a mask compulsory on a daily basis. We have therefore updated our article on 07/24/2020 by adding information on the new regulations and figures on the percentage of French people wearing the mask.

MASK – Since this Monday July 20, wearing a mask has become compulsory in all enclosed public places that can accommodate the public. A measure already applied in certain departments or cities of France such as Mayenne or Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis). The goal, as Emmanuel Macron had mentioned during his speech on July 14, and to avoid the arrival of a new epidemic wave of Coronavirus.

According to a YouGov poll taken up by Statista, 8 out of 10 French people already said they were wearing a mask in public places on July 16. A practice that was however still marginal before confinement, says Statista in his post.

Infographic: The adoption of the wearing of masks in public places | Statista

You can find more infographics on Statista

Now that the decree was published this Saturday, July 18, we know in what types of places masks are mandatory, but also the risks incurred for people deviating from the new regulations. If you want to know everything about the obligation to wear a mask, CNET has made the point for you:

Where is the wearing of a mask compulsory?

The list was shared by Olivier Véran in a tweet. Wearing a mask is compulsory in public transport, rooms for hearings, conferences, meetings, shows and cinemas. Restaurants and bars, hotels, boarding houses, games rooms, early learning, educational, training and leisure centers are also concerned. Just like libraries, places of worship, indoor sports establishments, museums, open-air establishments, marquees, stations, public transport, mountain refuges, administrations, banks and covered markets. To pay the bill or go to a restaurant bathroom, you must wear your mask. You can only remove it once at the table.

Wearing a mask is compulsory on planes for individuals over 11 years old, for flights from or within the national territory (decree of May 31, 2020). You will necessarily need a single-use surgical mask complying with the EN 14683 standard to embark. And since the trips can last several hours, it is better to have a few with you.

Of course, shopping centers and big box stores like Carrefour, Cora, Leclerc, Auchan, Intermarché, Magasin U or Casino are not spared. If wearing a mask is too inconvenient for you, we invite you to consult our article on home delivery of the race and Drives.

From what age is it compulsory to wear a mask?

Wearing a mask is compulsory for adults, but also for children over 11 in enclosed public places. The use of the mask is dangerous for the little ones (risk of suffocation). College and high school students will therefore have to wear it.

Is the wearing of a mask compulsory in companies?

This happens on a case-by-case basis. Companies that are not in contact with the public (offices for example) are not affected by the decree of July 18. However, many health measures have already been put in place in most of them and new ones could be applied. However, it is possible that your company requires the wearing of a mask. Remember that wearing a mask is one of the barrier gestures to adopt but that it does not guarantee immunity against the Coronavirus.

What are the fines incurred for not wearing the mask?

The non-wearing of the mask, as is already the case in public transport, can be fined by a fine of 135 euros. In England, the fine is 100 pounds and in Belgium 250 euros.

Note that the abandonment of masks and gloves on public roads is punishable by a fine of 68 euros, with an increase of up to 180 euros.

Where to buy washable surgical masks?

The government was strongly criticized at the start of the epidemic for the lack of stock of masks. Today it is easier to find it in shops, pharmacies, tobacconists or even to order them online. Regarding the prices:

  • Reusable fabric masks are sold between 2 and 5 euros each depending on their lifespan, says the Public Service.
  • The price of surgical masks has been capped at 95 euro cents per unit until January 10, 2021. A box of 50 masks therefore costs 47.50 euros.
  • On the internet, the price of reusable fabric masks is very elastic. According to sellers and shipping costs. This can start around 3 euros and easily go up to 20. However, check that they meet the standards recommended by AFNOR. It is the most economical and ecological solution.
  • Where to buy a washable cloth mask on the Internet? Our advice for choosing and maintaining it.

To note that FFP1 / 2/3 masks are reserved for professionals and protect as follows:

  • FFP1: Aerosol filtration percentage: 80% minimum. Percentage of inward leakage: 22% maximum.
  • FFP2: Aerosol filtration percentage: 94% minimum. Percentage of inward leakage: 8% maximum.
  • FFP3: Aerosol filtration percentage: 99% minimum for EN 149-FFP3. And 99.95% for EN 143-P36. Percentage of inward leakage: 2% maximum.

Why this decision?

The government wishes to avoid a new epidemic during these summer holidays, but also a second confinement which will continue to damage the economy and the morale of the French. In its report of July 9, the health agency of Public Health France indicates that the circulation of the virus tends to increase in metropolitan France.

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

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