Mandatory vaccination: too many exceptions in Ontario

Too many workers who should be mandatorily vaccinated against COVID-19 are managing to get medical exemptions, the Ontario medical director of health acknowledged.

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Dr. Kieran Moore said Tuesday that he planned to conduct a review of the processes leading to medical exemptions, with an approval rate hundreds of times higher than expected.

Still, a doctor should issue a waiver only if there is a high risk of developing an allergic reaction or myocarditis from the vaccine.

“We should have an exemption rate of around 1 to 5 per 100,000 (0.001% to 0.005%). We are seeing a higher number reported by workers and I think it deserves a review, “said Dr. Moore at a press conference, quoted by the CP24 channel.

However, the real rate of exemptions would be around 1 to 2% of workers, figures without common measures with those expected, he said, promising in passing to call the doctors to order.

This debate followed the fact that the official opposition leader, NDP Andrea Horwath, had found “statistically curious” that two of the 70 members of Doug Ford’s Conservative Progressive caucus obtained a medical exemption to avoid being vaccinated.

Remember that the prime minister of Ontario had decided to impose vaccination on all his MPs, unless they got medical justification showing that they could not be inoculated.


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