Maneater: the first 15 minutes of Story mode revealed

Three months before its release, Maneater is showing more depth on the side of IGN. The American site lets us appreciate the first moments of this open world action game that will place us in command of a hungry young shark in search of revenge.

Torn from his mother by a hunter by the name of Scaly Pete, the young shark that we will incarnate will have to feed, grow and evolve via a tree of skills to track his executioner through several open biomes (bayou, ocean, lake, river …). It will be necessary not only to measure shark hunters, but also to bosses called “kings of the ocean”, which can range from the giant barracuda to a formidable alligator. Seven major areas to explore will be on board. This will be available on May 22 on PC (Epic Games Store), PS4 and Xbox One, then a little later on Nintendo Switch.

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