MangaCup: Result of the first round

At regular intervals, you will now find a full MangaCup follow up on Xboxsquad. This competition organized by Mangalore brings together many amateur drivers in Forza Motorsport 7. And it is a great pleasure that we lend our columns to the expert in racing games to centralize the information and developments in this competition.

Result of the first round of the MangaCup Interclass!

The first round of the MangaCup Interclasse has just ended.

Brands Hatch and Lime Rock witnessed an epic battle in the E-Class. Our friend Mangalore’s summary will give you an idea of ​​what can happen even in the slowest class of Forza Motorsport 7.

A large majority of the drivers had chosen the Honda Civic and the Alfa Romeo Fulvia. The only female rider, Yu Rim, had opted for an unconventional choice but did her best to maintain a good spot.

The 2 circuits being totally different, the first allowed the performance of all the drivers, the second gave a place of honor to the Civic, which in the many curves held the road better and allowed the drivers to overtake more calmly.

The other peculiarity of Lime Rock makes it a very punishing circuit if you stray too far from the track. The penalties were very numerous and penalizing for several pilots. The connection problem also penalized 3 pilots who therefore were not credited with all the points they could claim.

Here is the ranking at the end of this first round.

See you on Saturday, October 9 on the Mangalore Twitch channel starting at 8:30 pm for the second round of the Interclass MangaCup:


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