Many Latin American MPs Show Their Support for Bitcoin (BTC)

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Many Latin American lawmakers have expressed support for the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) following the announcement by the President of El Salvador that the country wants to make Bitcoin legal tender, especially since the general public seems to have a positive view of the cryptocurrency.

Head of State of El Salvador, Naib bukele (39) promised that a bill would be presented to parliamentarians this week that would provide crypto entrepreneurs with many tax advantages. Visibly aware of the impact on his audience, Bukele took to Twitter to to announce, in English :

“The Bitcoin bill we’re going to send to Congress is almost done.”

Over the weekend, Bukele also changed his profile to show red laser eyes, a support symbol widely used in the BTC and cryptocurrency Twitter community.

The same trick was worker President of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador Ernesto Castro and another ally of Mr. Bukele, deputy Denmark Gonzalezrecently elected.

All three are members of the populist New Ideas party, which won an overwhelming majority in the country’s elections last March. Ms. Gonzalez is a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

The movement spreads across the region at the speed of a forest fire. As we have already noted, the MP from Paraguay named Carlos Reiala, a member of the relatively small but important opposition party Hagamos, also expressed in favor of accepting BTC.

Twitter Active Reyala, 36, has been involved in discussions with prominent figures such as the crypto investor. Anthony Pompliano… In response to the call to “embrace Bitcoin” and “bring freedom to our citizens,” he written “I also think this is the right way!”

IN deputy Brazilian Fabio Ostermann36 years old, from the minority party Partido Novo and his colleague, Gilson brands40 years old, also edited their profile pictures to add laser eyes.

In Panama, an independent MP Gabriel Silva (32 years old), graduatedOxford University posted a repost on Bukele and Bitcoin, writing that he would also “prepare a proposal” for submission to the country’s parliament. “If you are interested,” he added, “you can contact me.”

Silva has Explain,

“Panama cannot be left behind. If we want to be a true technology and entrepreneurial hub, we must support cryptocurrencies. “

Francisco Sanchez (47), Argentine MP from the Neuquen region, member of the opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio (Together for Change), also chose for the hashtag “New Avatar” and red laser eyes.

It might be worth noting that most of the MPs in question are young, newly elected politicians from smaller, newer, tech-savvy parties. The exception, of course, is that in El Salvador such a party actually came to power.

Returning to El Salvador, according to El Mundo, Minister of Trade and Investment, Miguel Cattansaid the US dollar – the country’s current and only currency – “will continue to be legal tender.” He added that “bitcoin transactions will be allowed,” although he admitted that “explicitly” they would be “value-linked.” [du BTC] in dollars “.

He added that this development “does not imply de-dollarization of the economy of El Salvador.”

Twitter operator @HODLingOnward, an “amateur economist and political historian,” offered an analysis of the situation in El Salvador, noting on his blog that the reaction from the country’s central bank and treasury would be interesting, and noting:

“Sellers will have to accept payments in BTC if they offer them. This is a completely different paradigm than other countries that offer tax incentives to BTC holders. “

Qiao wang, partner in DeFi Alliance in written that “some” positions of these deputies “can be just PR tools.”

However, he concludes,

“They make people think the unthinkable. Only then can the unthinkable become reality. “


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