Many men would be willing to have sex or have a serious relationship with a robot.

Recently, a company carried out a rather surprising investigation. The latter shows that while many men fear that artificial intelligence will take their jobs away, others would be quite willing to have sex with a robot.

An amazing survey

In 2014, a UK survey estimated that one in six people would be ready to have sex with a machine. Sex robots have also existed for some years in some countries, as demonstrated by Samantha, who became a mass product in Europe in 2017. The Robotix company then created another female robot (Harmony) and its male equivalent Henry, intended for Women. . If sex between humans and robots is not a novelty in itself, the trend seems to be democratizing little by little. On September 13, 2021, customer relations expert Tidio released the results of its survey of 1,200 people. Titled: Will AI Accept Your Work? Fear and Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021, this survey does not focus on sex between humans and robots.

Let us quote some figures obtained during the investigation. For example, 69% of higher education graduates think AI could take away their jobs or make them unnecessary. However, 45% of respondents seem to have a positive view of AI, which leaves doubts about the employment of the participants. In fact, many professions such as a driver, cashier, or translator are clearly under threat from AI. However, other sectors could benefit from it, such as construction and restoration, which are clearly understaffed. Other figures are important. For example, 60% of respondents say they are not against getting into an autonomous taxi, even if the traffic is heavy. Let’s also mention the 57% of the participants who consider themselves willing to trust AI enough to manage air traffic.

Credits: Agility Robotics

Openness to sex and serious relationships with a robot.

However, the most surprising thing about this survey is at the level of the responses related to sexual intercourse. South of 1,200 participants, 48% of the men will be ready to pass to the action with a robot in the cadre of a “coup d’un soir” and 43% disagree with a relationship that is truly amoureuse and inscrivant. the duration. Precise figures for the women surveyed are lacking, but there is no doubt that some follow the same trend.

As stated above, the main topic of the survey is not sex between humans and robots. Among other trends, only 3% of the participants would be sensitive to the notion of robot law. Therefore, many humans think that robots are just machines without consciousness, laboring at will and without needing to rest.

Therefore, the future will tell us what forms the progress of AI, its uses and its assimilation in society will take. Meanwhile, this type of survey can be an indicator of how humans will react, but the samples are often small and perhaps too unrepresentative of the population as a whole. Therefore, it is still very difficult to obtain unshakable certainties today.

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