Marc Robert beat 5 classic arcade games using technology and science

If you’ve ever been into slots lately, you already know how annoying it is when you play some of the games available, sometimes getting close to winning but then seeing your prize slip away. Engineer and YouTube star Marc Robert has taken this into his own hands and created five different mechanical devices that are used to win a number of arcade games.

Using his engineering and mechanical skills, which also helped build the Curiosity rover over the course of seven years, Robert shows you how his designs, most of which fit in a backpack, can help you gain an edge. Even when he fails to achieve the desired results, Robert shows how his skills can be used to adapt several items from the store in order to win one of the arcade game systems. Watch the full video below to see how Marc Robert built five robots to win five of the most popular arcade games.

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Complete 5 classic arcade games

Source: YouTube

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