MÄRCHEN FOREST, the kawaii dungeon crawler just released on PS4, Switch and PC Freakin ‘Geek

The action RPG Märchen Forest with a very “kawaii” universe is now available from this Thursday on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Pc.

Between the heroines “waïfus” ofRyza 2 Workshop and those in a more “kawaii” kind of Märchen Forest, there is something to hesitate this week when it comes to Japanese action RPGs. But if you are looking for a game full of poetry and enchantment, it is more towards the latter that you should turn. Available in France only in digital version, it was released this Thursday, January 28, 2021 on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and on Pc via their respective store or on Steam. An edition with a pretty figurine is available only for import in Japanese version on Playstation 4 and Switch.

Märchen Forest we will follow the story of Mylyne, a young apothecary has gone to explore a mysterious forest in search of ingredients that she intends to use to concoct her potions. What seemed to be a simple expedition will however suddenly turn into a real adventure when our young heroine will face an unsolved mystery that will drag her into the depths of the ruins buried under the forest.

Between Action RPG and Dungeon Crawler Märchen Forest consists of three separate parts that will get darker and darker while still keeping its cute style. The first part in adventure mode where Mylyne will go in search of ingredients for her potions in the forest where she will also have to help its inhabitants on the way. The second part takes a Dungeon Crawler turn where our heroine will go in search of her long-lost mother in the underground ruins under the forest where she will have to face enemies in real-time battles and collect valuables while watching over his health and food. This is where she will meet Rosetta expert in article evaluation who lost her memory. The third part made in the Action RPG to uncover the truth in the darkness of the ruins adding new combat skills and techniques to Mylyne who can also camp.

The game first appeared on smartphones in 2015 Märchen Forest: Mylne And The Forest Gift. It was developed by Primary Orbit and edited by Clouded Leopard Entertainment. Originally designed for PC, this new version has been completely remastered and includes additional content compared to the smartphone version.

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