Marketers don’t have the right tools to manage their data

Worst of all shod shoemakers. In a survey conducted by Ascend2, only 25% of marketers say they have all the data to properly personalize their ad campaigns. And of those surveyed, only 19% believe they have the right tools and technology to do their job.

Overall, the data available to marketers today isn’t all that bad, with 49% saying they are “somewhat” satisfied with it. However, this is not optimal for optimizing communication. In fact, 26% of the 355 professionals surveyed expressed their disagreement, saying they didn’t use the right data to improve their marketing personalization.

We can do better! Digital transformation has been on everyone’s lips for years, but from a marketing standpoint, it’s far from over. The problem is not in the available technologies and tools, because they exist, but in the responsible persons. You can have the most beautiful CRM, if you don’t extract the right data, the result will be limited.

According to Ascend2’s analysis, this discrepancy can be explained by several phenomena. First, it’s a person. In the field, all sales teams need is to be slow to share data in the belief that it is unnecessary and the impact will be significant. But sometimes there is too much innovation and professionals are overwhelmed. As powerful as it is, one tool replaces the other, leaving marketers no time to appropriate it and use it to its full potential. Not to mention the small compatibility issues associated with purchasing more and more solutions!

All is not lost and things are moving forward. 60% of respondents believe that their technology allows them to personalize their marketing to some extent; against 26% who say otherwise. With budgets rising between 2022 and 2023, we can only hope for better conditions on this matter.

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