Marne: 257 km / h on motorcycle, new speed record at departmental limit to 90

The 44-year-old biker was fined this Saturday in the south of the Marne at a speed of 257 km / h on a secondary road. Record according to the gendarmes.

Another dizzying road speed record, this time on the Marne. This Saturday, August 14, a motorcyclist was moving at a speed of 257 km / h on a departmental road with a traffic restriction of 90. The gendarmes of Cézanne’s motorized brigade did not return. They have never seen such a crime.

This Saturday afternoon in Bayeux, at 17:30, gendarmes stood in control of the speed when the driver on the D951 passed in front of them. 44-year-old biker from Oba. “He used the trigger, pulled the gas to see what he was doing, my people were present with binoculars“, says Captain Maxime Delaporte, boss of EDSR 51.

“We had to intercept him, it was not easy. We have a device that is placed in front of the bikers, usually the gendarmes signal to the person to stop, they did not have time there, he arrived on the bikers in front. The road was, fortunately, abandoned, this is luck, because at this speed he cannot brake, if he sees a cyclist or an animal, he would be enough “

The motorcycle was grabbed instantly, the driver turned off the throttle, and did not try to free himself from under control. His license has been suspended. He will be summoned to the police on September 28 at 14:00 and sentenced. As for the motorcycle, it was confiscated by the decision of the prosecutor’s office. “There he is valid until the hearing, and the placement is at his expense. It is very likely that his car will be confiscated. 1000cc Kawasaki “

“We haven’t seen such speed for a long time,” says the gendarme. “Or on the highway. The gap here is huge. This is a record for the department. A month ago, a biker was driving 220 km / h with McDonald’s ice cream, he didn’t want it to melt. “

At the end of the interrogation, the biker will be accompanied by a relative of Cezanne. By car. This is the second time in two days that gendarmes have intercepted a driver at breakneck speed. On August 13, Ferrari was stopped at 242 km / h in Haute-Marne. Speed ​​exceeding the record suggests that unconsciousness in the face of potential dangers is still a serious evil.

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