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Rocking the walls of Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel and its film/TV arm Marvel Studios are once again ready to set the stage for the next D23, scheduled for September 10, 2022. If we already know that Kevin Feige will be on site to continue rolling out the MCU Phase 6 program, there will be other holidays in the program, with a focus on welcome comics. We present to you the program announced by the entertainment giant.

Drawings, movies and Spider-Man

So, if D23 is to cover all the universes and properties owned by Disney, a few panels will be dedicated exclusively to everything related to Marvel, both near and far. Among other things, in the surrounding area you can enjoy:

  • Marvel DRAW Live! Panels, which are drawing classes led by Brian Crosby, Director of Themed Entertainment at Marvel, take place Friday, September 9 from 11:00 pm to 11:30 pm and Saturday, September 10 at 10:30 pm. Find out if an online broadcast is planned, which may be of interest to novice artists.

  • On Saturday, September 10 at 19:00 in Hall D23 there will be a big presentation of Marvel Studios. This presentation will be made by a company with other major Disney licenses (Star Wars & co) and we can expect to see designs or images announced for upcoming movies/series.

  • There will also be a Spider-Man 60th Anniversary panel this Saturday, September 10 at 11:00 pm with Nick Lowe and CB Cebulski, and if the original promise is to retrace six decades of Weaver’s existence, there’s no doubt about it. that surprises (or new visuals for some comics like the Dark Web) will also come.

So there’s sure to be plenty to do early next September – with the competition tangled up in brand management, no doubt Marvel Studios won’t even need to do too much to garner praise from audiences.


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