Marvel: Sony is going to abandon its film projects

After the failure of Morbius, Sony would have decided to abandon the Marvel Universe for the next few years!

Nothing good comes from Sony Pictures! At least in the creative team responsible for the development of Marvel projects. After all, after the bitter failure of Morbius, the studio still feels the blow. Admittedly, the Spider-Man franchise is a box office hit, but that’s not enough to speak of overall profitability. With a profit of $163 million, Morbius put the finances in the red. Therefore, it becomes difficult for Sony to capitalize on “their part” of the MCU. Therefore, management would decide to reconsider its plans for the coming years. This will have some impact as all feature films in production have been moved to a date that is still unknown! Therefore, the worst should be feared.

By the end of the Marvel projects at Sony? ©Sony Pictures

So Sony, already weakened by Covid, may give up entirely. The postponement announcement is often synonymous with final cancellation in the following months. It remains to be seen if the studio will be able to change its mind. But for now, nothing is less certain!

Sony: the studio is dropping its Marvel projects until further notice!

The next project was to be the highly anticipated adaptation of Kraven the Hunter. The release date has already been pushed back by a year. But what fans are concerned about is the start of construction on the next Spider-Man. If Tom Holland confirmed that discussions are underway, Sony has high hopes and remains silent about the project. This new component, scheduled for July 2024, will likely be released much later than expected. Fans are waiting for a clear statement on this matter. There is no way to know what the studio is actually going to do at this stage.

Therefore, trying to bail out the treasury, Sony gives priority to its other projects. Among them is the long-awaited reboot of Karate Kid. Sony is also capitalizing on two other films. On the one hand, there is True Haunting, which is expected in January 2023. This is an ambitious horror film, between ghosts and exorcism. On the other hand, Missing, still a mystery thriller. The studio also intends to make a good profit from its family projects, such as the next Garfield. A new adventure awaits the beloved cat of teenagers at the dawn of the summer of 2023.

Therefore, Sony and Marvel are in danger of not getting along with each other. Serious discussions are currently underway to make long-term solutions. However, we hope the studio will continue to develop their Spider-Man license in the coming years. Case to follow!

Source: Tech Tribune

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